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These Are the Top Foodie Series to Watch on Netflix Right Now

We’ve all had to spend more time at home than we ordinarily do, no matter what our lifestyles were before the COVID-19 outbreak. Most of us have swapped out the cinema seat for the sofa, and the beach lounger for the bed. Let’s not forget that many of us who frequently visit restaurants now have to cook our meals without a choice. And this brings us to cooking shows.

Cooking shows are the lifesaver for those who can’t throw a meal together, and a delight to those who throw together five-course meals. There’s something for everyone. Here are the top cooking shows and shows about food in general on Netflix to inspire you to get some interesting items on your menu! The shows here aren’t cooking tutorials, but rather, the type of shows that will feed your love for food!

Taco Chronicles

Would you believe that there is a series that explores a different taco in each episode! Well, six episodes of taco glory sure does sound deliciously inviting! Besides, who doesn’t love the wonderful Mexican food that tantalizes tastebuds and brings so many flavors to life?

The series came out in 2019 and has numerous good reviews. You will find everything about tacos, form how they’re made right to their cultural import. Tacos are one of the greatest dishes in the world. So, they sure deserve a series that’s all about them!

The Chef Show

We all know that food and friends and family go well together. Celebrations, and all the best moments in life, are all accompanied by good food and good company. Food is something that brings people together, and the Netflix show that exhibits this best is The Chef Show. It’s aa show that explores the fun side of cooking with friends. There are many guest stars on the show, like celebrity chefs, film celebrities, and prominent figures. So join chefs Favreau and Choi in their journey of food and friendship!

Salt Fat Acid Heat

James Bear Award-winner Samin Nosrat is an author who is also the host of Salt Fat Acid Heat, a series based on her book by the same name. The series has four parts. Samin Nosrat travels to Chez Panisse in California, and to eating establishments in Italy, Japan, and Mexico. Every episode of the series explores good cooking through the fundamentals to create a wonderful meal.

It is a process-based cooking show for the food-minded folks who love learning more about the food itself and what more there is to the preparation of meals than just throwing ingredients together.


Rotten isn’t so much a cooking show, but a series that enters the territory of rotting food. Sure, when you’re tucking into your dinner plate, this may not be the show you will want to watch, but it is otherwise fascinating and a worthwhile watch! The series dives into the food production process, and it’s a show that will take you through a range of different emotions about food that you never thought you had!

Forks Over Knives

This is a food documentary. It takes a look into what may very well be the future of humankind – vegetarianism, or veganism. The reality is that two of every three people are overweight. There is an increasing number of people on prescription drugs for diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

There’s also a rise in the number of people requiring surgeries related to obesity in some way. These concerns are what drove the Forks Over Knives team to invite people to monitor the switch from animal-based diets to plant-based diets. Even if you’re completely against the idea, it’s a worthwhile watch.

Being in quarantine has probably left you cooking a lot more, and some people love it, while others don’t. Watching some of these shows helps you look at food differently, and helps you have a newfound appreciation for food. So if you’re tired of the movies, sitcoms, and reality TV shows, give these foodie-shows a go and see how you like them. With all those delicacies out there on the show, you never know, you could find a new hobby. So, start watching these shows and kickstart your journey as the Masterchef of your home!

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