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The Osbournes ‘Relaunch’ Podcast After 5 Year Break

If you were glued to your TV in the early 2000s, there is no way you missed the hilarious, raucous, and sometimes heartwarming escapades of the Osbournes. The reality TV show, which revolved around the lives of Black Sabbath’s frontman Ozzy Osbourne, his powerhouse manager-wife Sharon, and their children, Jack and Kelly, quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

Fast forward to September 2023, and the legendary family is once again inviting us into their world. But this time, through the airwaves!

The Osbournes / Insta / Ozzy Osbourne reveals that The Osbournes will be hosting a “slate of special guests” in the new podcast.

From Reality TV to Podcasts

For those of us who thought the days of getting a sneak peek into the Osbournes’ domestic (or shall we say, undomesticated?) lives were long gone, the news of their new podcast feels like an early Christmas present. This is not the family’s first foray into podcasting, though. Back in 2018, they had dipped their toes into this medium. But after a 5-year break, they are back with what they call a ‘relaunch.’

Why return now? According to Sharon, the pandemic played a role. “We realized that despite the chaos of the world, our antics and family banter were a source of amusement. Not just for us, but for others too!” she laughed in a recent interview.

The Osbournes / Insta / In 2018, The Osbournes dropped their last funny podcast.

A New Format, an Old Vibe

While the format has switched from visual to auditory, fans can still expect the same unfiltered and often zany conversations. This podcast promises to offer an intimate look into the lives of the Osbournes, discussions about their personal and professional experiences, and a boatload of guest appearances from their vast network of celebrity friends.

In the first episode, listeners are treated to a hilarious debate between Ozzy and Jack about the future of rock music. Meanwhile, Kelly shares some of her latest fashion adventures, or as she puts it, “misadventures in the world of haute couture.”

Why You Should Tune In?

If the Osbournes’ past stints on TV are anything to go by, this podcast promises a unique blend of humor, candidness, and heart. It is not just about the laughs, though there are plenty. Instead, it is about a family that, despite their larger-than-life personas. Something that deals with the same ups and downs as the rest of us. But they do it with a style and flair that is undeniably captivating.

The Osbournes / Insta / If you are up for a unique blend of humor, and candidness, The Osbounres’ new episode is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Moreover, in today’s age of curated social media profiles and heavily edited reality TV, the Osbournes offer a breath of fresh air. Their willingness to showcase their vulnerabilities, eccentricities, and unscripted moments is what endeared them to millions around the globe. This podcast promises all that and more.

Summing Up

As Ozzy would say, it is “all aboard” for another crazy journey with the Osbournes! Whether you are a longtime fan or someone looking for a delightful new podcast to dive into, “Just A Family Having A Good Time” is just the ticket.

It is genuine and entertaining. After all, it is the Osbournes as you have always loved them. So, get those headphones ready and prepare for an auditory treat that you will not want to pause.

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