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Here Are Three Great Things That Could Happen To You If You Retire Early!

It’s difficult to retire at all, let alone to retire early. This is still true even when you are settled down and married, working a well-paying job and steadily accumulating a substantial sum of money or net worth. A  few million dollars placed in the right investment account can generate a few thousands of dollars of income per annum. Still, retiring young is no easy decision to make, even if you feel that you’ve covered all grounds as you are being told from left right and center about how irresponsible it is to even consider giving up a lucrative career or a reliable job. You may even be called reckless!

Eventually, even the most high-paying jobs can leave you dreading the future if the general retirement age is in the distance. You eventually have it up to your neck with the long hours, workplace politics, pointless meetings, and climbing stress levels. That being said, retiring at a young age doesn’t always come without some bad experiences. There actually are several downsides to retiring early that is not often expressed, like the constant voice in the back of your head that second-guesses your decision or the bouts of depression that can sometimes take hold of you at unpredictable times. Other times, it’s the feeling of not fitting in or simply worrying about whether your money is going to last.

However, in spite of all the downsides, it can safely be said that after some years of studying young retirees, the positives have certainly outweighed the negatives. Overall, their quality of life has seen tremendous improvement in manners that are quite unexpected, and it is wonderful.

Look Forward to Looking Great

It isn’t surprising or uncommon to find your first grey hairs sprouting from your scalp in your mid-30s, more especially if you work in a stressful environment or in a company that places pressure on its employees. And it isn’t unusual for so many more to spring up with every day that passes! However, you may be surprised to find that when you retire, the greying slows and may even stop! Goodbye grey hairs, goodbye receding hairline. Goodbye to those unsightly bags beneath your eyes! Hello to looking refreshed and feeling younger. This can be a real eye-opener to the powerful negative effect stress has on the body.

You’ll Have A Better Relationship With Mom and Dad

When you are working, there isn’t much time available for you to go out and see anybody, especially not your parents. Sometimes, it could be months before you can interact with them. This is a common experience for many full-time workers, and the feeling of guilt will eventually consume you. Of course, retirement leaves you with all the time in the world, so this all can change once you retire. You may find that you have more time to spend with all of your family members, and you will converse with everyone more often and enjoy more quality time. It is quite true that the younger you are, the more valuable time with family, and especially your parents, becomes. Early retirement helps make this a reality and helps you have fewer regrets later on in life when loved ones are in ill health and of old age.

You Can Be a Great Parent

Usually, people have kids decades before they retire, but if you retire early, you have a chance to do it the other way around. If you and your spouse can both manage to save up enough funds to go into an early retirement together, starting a family can be an entirely different experience for you both than it is for the traditional family where either one or both of the parents are full-time workers. In fact, many couples delay starting a family because if both spouses are working, it can be impossible to cope with such a change. But in early retirement, parenthood is a whole other ballgame. Being retired means that you can fully commit to being a parent, and this is essentially the best deal you as a parent and your kid can actually ever get!

Ultimately, early retirees who have planned for it well have not regretted their decision. Each individual is different, and there is no set correct time to retire. However, if you have the opportunity to retire early and you are toying with the idea, then as long as you have a strategy in place, you have many life-changing benefits to look forward to. We are not encouraging anybody to leave their secure jobs only to find themselves face to face with a myriad of troubles – early retirement takes a lot more planning than regular retirement, and you need to be thorough and absolutely certain that you can retire.

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