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Do You Need A College Degree To Have A Big Bank Account?

Financial freedom – the goal of every individual. Society speaks of success as going to college, obtaining a degree and joining the workforce to climb the proverbial corporate ladder. But we also know that this is not the only route to success. We know that there have been many people who broke from the norm and became successful outside of these molds. How did they do it?

It Can Be Done, And It Has Been Done

The biggest names in the world have become immensely successful without having a college degree to wield in their name. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill gates all were school dropouts who ventured into entrepreneurship. The birth of Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft were not from a college graduate. These three influential, powerful, and wealthy men are only some of the many successful people who have found their financial freedom without the need for a college degree.

Getting Hired Without a Degree

Not all industries require you to have a college education to be hired into them. Some disciplines most definitely do, like the law and medicine sectors. However, some industries only require you to prove that you are skilled and that you are eager. If you are looking to get hired, you can find success in trades like power dispatchers, power-plant operators, in maintenance repair, or in the creative industries like fashion and art.

You can also be hired into fire departments or the police force. Advertising, marketing, writing, commercial piloting, and real estate and sales all do not really require a college education to get hired into and can be a pathway to success if you have the skillset and the determination and passion to drive you forward to excel. Of course, it bears mentioning that while you may not need a college degree for these sectors, you will need an education, and you will have to be knowledgeable of the field.

Entrepreneurship Without a Degree

The most obvious pathway to success without a college degree is probably entrepreneurship. You do not require a degree to on or start up a business of your own, and you can learn almost anything online these days, which means most of the things you will need to know about running your new business will be available at your fingertips thanks to the internet. Starting up your own business will mean you will likely require a lot of capital and knowing what to do to kick off your business successfully will be more helpful than a college degree. College is indeed a great place for people to network and t build a work ethic and it is a place where you have many tools for learning, but these traits can be developed and if you have the discipline required to search for the necessary information, you are limitless and can achieve as much if not more than someone with a college degree. Becoming successful without a degree will also require many sacrifices in the beginning. Continuous learning and improvement is the key to being financially free and successful in your endeavors.

A Little More About the World’s Richest People Who Didn’t Have a Degree

Steve Jobs dropped out of college six months because of the financial pinch his education was having on his working-class parents. He went on to found Apple, Pixar and NeXT Computer. Jobs is one of the most influential forces of modern culture. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard two years after joining in order to found Microsoft with Paul Allen. Mar Zuckerberg is the man who founded Facebook, and he actually dropped out of Harvard in his sophomore year in order to work on developing the platform. Mukesh Ambani is the 9th richest man across the globe and is worth $27 billion. He dropped out of Stanford to focus on his father’s business called Reliance Industries. Michael Dell is the founder and the CEO of Dell Inc. and he was building computers and selling them to his college colleagues while he attended the University of Texas. It wasn’t long before he dropped out to concentrate on the business. Ty Warner only attended Kalamazoo College for a year before he dropped out to create Beanie Babies collectible toys, making him a billionaire.

So ultimately, a college education can help you but your own drive determines your success. Being wealthy and finding financial freedom is all about finding what you want to excel at and doing everything it takes to reach the top.

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