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Why Workamping is One of the Best Jobs for Retirees!

Are you retired and thinking of combining your passion for traveling and work? Then becoming a full-time RVers is often the best choice. Well, you are in luck. There are plenty of campgrounds that look for workers all the time. They are popular as workampers or workcampers. They live in their RVs (Recreational Vehicle) while working part- or full-time as an employee.

Many people operate their businesses on the road. The term workamper finds itself registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. The meaning of workamper usually means you work as an employee, operate a business from the RV, live in an RV, and even donate as a volunteer from an RV.

Workamping is the choice of profession for retirees and even millennials. What appeals to most people is the mobile lifestyle. Modern technologies such as wifi connectivity and alternate energy sources support this lifestyle with ease.

Before any retiree starts this job, they would ideally like to know the actual money wages. Here are some jobs that you can do as workamping after retirement and have loads of fun while at it. Usually, it is not over $15 per hour. However, all offer free camping and discounted camping as payment for your work.

Several benefits include a full hook-up site with utilities and other camp amenities, like free golf, free laundry, and more perks. Meeting people, leisurely work hours, and many other perks make it one of the best job choices ever.

Campground Host

You can host state, local, regional, and national parks and other government agencies, and various private campgrounds. RVers and Speedways can hire camp hosts as well. Cam hosts allow you to be amongst nature and show tourists around. Communicating with nature and people, could anything be so relaxing and wonderful? We think not!

Campground Worker

There are several positions as a campground worker for various roles in the general maintenance, housekeeping, office worker, groundskeeping, cook, or server. Other roles include food service area, activities director, security, store clerk, filling propane tanks, gate attendant, and membership sales. Some large campground associations and concessions look for their people on various camper sites, including KOA and Delaware North, at Yellowstone and other properties worldwide.

Volunteer at National Parks

The website has various volunteer positions across different national parks and has various RV accommodations. There are a lot of volunteers who work at camp stores or in the campground office and may not get paid for it. But there is always work on the anvil with full hookups! Also, in most cases, the work is completely stress-free, which is great.

Tour Guide

Work camps always need energetic, outgoing tour guides who have a good voice. If you fulfill the criteria, you can certainly apply for the same. Some of the jobs include riding a shuttle and opting for walking as a tour guide. It’s one of the best ways to interact with others, answer questions, and satisfy tourists’ curiosity.

Tram or Shuttle Bus Operator

If a good driving record is featured in your resume, perhaps a tram or shuttle bus operator can be the ideal job for you! Many campgrounds use shuttle services to transport people from one place to another from the campground and enjoy the closeby attractions.

Seasonal Worker

Other jobs are available for the Fall/winter opportunities, such as Christmas tree or pumpkin lot sales, which puts up holiday decorations, and agricultural jobs such as harvesting seasonal produce such as sugar beets and other seasonal produce. In summer, jobs on campsites include fireworks sales, odd farm work, and other ranch positions.

Theme Park Worker

Theme park working positions include ride and game operators, ticket takers, food service workers, petting zoo attendants, and security guards. Attractions and adventure companies have several other interesting job opportunities for retirees, such as dog mushers and zip-line assistants to ATVs and rafting guides.

 Retail Giant CamperForce

Retail giant Amazon has RVers on board for their various fulfillment centers across the country. These folks make for the majority of the CamperForce! These jobs are, especially for the busy holiday season.

But promise several benefits such as medical and prescription coverage after 90 days, a 401(k), holiday, and overtime pay, with a generous completion allowance for RV camping. What’s not to like for workampers?

Do you want to become a workamper too? Then explore these options and remember it is not always about the money but also its experience.

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