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Here Are Several Job Options For Ex-Footballers!

Today the game of football boasts of an insane amount of money. Yet what happens to the same footballers when they finally hang up their boots? Do they live off the fortune they make? Or are there any other avenues for them to explore after retiring from the game? When it comes to retiring from the game, there is no one-size-fits-all.

What is important to note is that there are several avenues for players to explore, and they do not have to give up on their beloved game forever. They can still associate themselves with the game in myriad ways. Although their options may be a little limited than before, it is still a lucrative proposition for people who want to continue working and not merely live off their pre-earned riches.


Being a coach or manager after being a player is an obvious one, and it helps because they have experience when they are in the top league of the game. Players can seamlessly turn into football managers as they are already comfortable with the genre, so it’s no surprise that they turn into something that would help them connect to the game like always.

It’s not easy to go straight from being in a team as a player to being a manager, so they need to prove themselves in their field and make their next move up the ladder, that is, become a coach. This could mean you could start as an assistant manager or be in charge of the youth team, but players need to languish in less important roles in clubs before taking the hot seat.

Ambassadorial Roles

Not all players think that they are the perfect managers or even coaches, but they can keep a tab on the daily running of the club where they make their name. Nowadays, plenty of clubs use ex-players in numerous roles like ambassadorial roles. They send them to meetings for various representative organizations such as UEFA, FIFA, and others for various events like cup draws or executive meetings.

A scout is another club-based role that some players may turn to. While not everyone is ideal for the role of a coach, they may have the prowess to spot a good player. Identifying the right skill and ensuring that the manager notices them is necessary for a team’s success too. Scouts sometimes have specialized interest forms, especially from playing in various countries such as Spain, France, or South America.

Football Pundit

Criticizing a game or a player’s technique can also land you a job. It can be as easy as donning the cap of a football pundit where you have to sit on a chair and evaluate the player’s prowess. Ex-players revel in the role of a pundit. You come across such game pundits on various TV shows, sharing their views before, during, or after the game. A former player’s views carry great importance since they know the game like the back of their hand.

A few players who have turned into pundits are Gary Neville of Manchester United, Thierry Henry of Arsenal, and Jamie Carragher of Liverpool, which are all examples of former players who have not settled for retirement after their playing career got over. They are enjoying their new career on television or radio pundit and refuse to call it a day. It’s not they are being called to air their views on television. They also talk about the game on their club’s website or television channel.

Football Reporter

This is another media-based job that ex-players can try. It is becoming more popular in the days of online content. Plenty of newspapers and online publications include columns in their newspaper for ex-professionals. This can earn their website more traction as people wish to hear former players’ opinions who know their stuff and give informed opinions adding their distinctive touch. A few players can slay with their swagger, a few others with their sense of humor. Each one of them has a personality that can add an interesting touch to their talk.

Retirement does not have to be the end game for former players. They can bank on their skills, experience, and knowledge to chalk a whole new beginning!

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