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These Five Celebrities Retired Early From Show Business – Here’s What They’ve Been Up To

A number of celebrities from the entertainment industry shocked their fans and took early retirement from glam and glitz of Hollywood. People simply couldn’t fathom what made these stars up and quit as they all had successful careers. However, there were reasons aplenty. Personal issues, lack of family time, and public pressure were cited as the major reasons why they were forced to make such a decision. The purpose of this article is to let you know which of your favorite stars are not seen in the entertainment circuit as much as you would have expected.

Cameron Diaz

The 46-year-old actress was last seen in the 2014 film, Annie. Rumors of Diaz taking retirement were rife a few months back when close friend, Selma Blair, announced that Diaz had quit acting. That certainly left her fans shell-shocked. Though Blair later on, declared that Diaz is pretty much in the thick of things, the damage was already done. When asked, Cameron herself clarified that has taken semi-retirement from acting. She has enjoyed a humongous fan following throughout her career and such news wouldn’t go down well with them. Diaz is quite aware of that. She revealed that she might make a comeback someday as she is a bit down these days and the fans have already started to see a ray of hope.

Daniel Day-Lewis

The three-time Oscar winner recently divulged that Phantom Thread is going to be the last film, he would be appearing in. One of the most acclaimed actors from Britain, Daniel Day-Lewis astounded the film industry by issuing a statement about his retirement. In a recent interview, Lewis revealed how Phantom Thread, a film about the 1950s fashion industry in London had saddened him to the core. His fans also came to know how he went through a fatal accident that nearly led him to lose one of his hands. According to Daniel, the film was never meant to be his last, but he couldn’t get past the overwhelming effect it had on him. Even though he very well realized that it was quite uncharacteristic of him to announce retirement so early, it was some sort of an impulsive decision to avoid getting involved in any other project.

Jack Gleeson

King Joffrey, from your favorite HBO series, Game of Thrones, made up his mind to take a permanent leave from the show business after his character died in the show (spoiler alert!). Many are not aware of the fact that Jack has been involved with acting since he was eight years old. However, as he grew up, the interest started fading away more gradually. The 26-year-old retired Irish actor revealed that quitting the industry at a meager age of 21 was a conscious decision. The acting was always a kind of recreation for him ever since he made a foray into the show business. But, that hasn’t been the case after he came of age. It slowly became his profession and his means of earning his daily bread. Gleeson conveyed that when you start making a living out something you are passionate about, you tend to witness a change in the relationship you have with it. That’s exactly what happened with him.

Rick Moranis

Films such as Ghostbusters, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and Little Shop of Horrors enabled the Canadian actor to garner huge fame and popularity on a global level. Unfortunately, after his wife lost her life to cancer in the year 1991, Rick decelerated his pace and soon, quit acting permanently. He called it quits in the year 1997 and focused on bringing up his children. Being a single parent, raising the kids and traveling for shoots seemed to be an uphill task for the actor and Rick chose the former. Though he intended to take a short break, it eventually turned into a longer one and the Moranis realized that he wasn’t missing his film career actually.

Macaulay Culkin

The Home Alone actor is now busy with The Pizza Underground, his own band and has earned quite a good amount of success. The actor is in his late 30s and was last seen in Adam Green’s Aladin. Culkin gained immense popularity as a child actor and was touted as the next big thing in Hollywood. However, he couldn’t capitalize much on it and kept a low profile over the years. He resides in New York City and is happily spending his days painting, writing, and doing things he fancies.

It’s surely disappointing for fans when their favorite stars quit the showbiz and fade away in the due course of time. However, these celebs do have the right to lead their life their own way even if that means cutting their career short.

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