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These Are the Best Jobs You Can Take Up During Your Retirement

Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you shouldn’t earn any money. Plenty of retired people engage in some sort of activity they find enjoyable that brings them some small or significant return. So, there’s no need to feel that being in retirement means abandoning the notion of work completely. There may be many reasons for you wanting to start up a side job — it may enhance your life either emotionally, socially, or financially.

Whatever your reasons, when you are in retirement, you often don’t want to spend a lot of money to start up something. Here, we explore several low-cost and no-cost business ideas for you to take up to earn some money, make some friends, or just enjoy doing – all from the comfort of your own home!


Sure, you will need a little equipment before you can get started, but it’s probably everything you already have. A PC, word processing software, and internet access are your basics. If you want to be more comfortable, a set of headphones is advisable. With all of this, you can start making money as a transcriptionist. You do need to be an accurate and fast typist, and you will need basic computer skills like being able to download and upload files. However, it isn’t anything you can’t learn. You can expect to get paid as per the length of the audio file you transcribe.

Animal Caretaker

Retirees would typically love a job like this one. It is beneficial emotionally, socially as well as financially, so it ticks all the boxes. You can actually get paid to indulge in your love of dogs, cats, or birds, and general pet care! There’s plenty to take pleasure in when grooming a pet, walking the dog, pet sitting, and generally developing a connection with an animal. Of course, you will require a bit of strength and stamina to take on dog walking, but it will be a mutually beneficial activity at the end of the day. People hiring animal caretakers are just looking for someone who has experience with an animal and who can supply reliable references. You can expect about $10.82 an hour from this job.

Tour Guide

By the time you retire, you will surely have some area you have a lot of knowledge in — either in the arts, history, geography, food, or even celebrities. Whatever your expertise is, you may find a suitable job as a tour guide that will allow you to teach others a little of what you know. This is a great job for retirees who have something they are passionate about and who love talking about it. Imagine being a lover of art and being paid to answer questions about it — it’s a dream job! Apply at suitable institutions like museums, galleries, historical monuments, and others. You will need to be a bit social and friendly so that you engage with people of all backgrounds, but as long as you love what you are talking about, it should not be difficult. With this job, you can expect about $12.42 per hour, but you may get tips if you are lucky!


As a retiree, it is likely that your lifestyle is very flexible. If you do travel a lot or go out to spend weeks at a time with children, friends, or loved ones, then your home is left vacant. This is a great opportunity to sign up with HomeAway or Airbnb, especially if you happen to live in a big city with heavy vacation attractions or tourism. Renting out your home while you are away can generate a lot of income which you can use to pay your mortgage if you have one or even just to supplement your income. It could even buy your vacation if business is good! Alternatively, you could even rent out your driveway using RoverParking, JustPark or CurbFLip, among many other sharing platforms. If you have a lot of spare room or garage space, you could even consider renting out storage space for a fee. If you have a car that you aren’t using, rent that out, too. The opportunities are endless as wide as your imagination can travel.

There are many opportunities that you can grab hold of as a retiree to make some money or just to keep busy, meet new people, or do what you enjoy. These are only a few. Choose something that will bring you joy because retirement is a time of relaxation and enjoyment after all!

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