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The Most Affordable and Safest Places to Retire in the USA

When you are looking forward to maintaining a restrained source of income and want to enjoy your retired life at the same time, keeping the cost of living in mind is vital. In case your daily expenditures bite into your budget more than what’s necessary, you wouldn’t be having much with you as your backup during the crucial times or to leave a substantial sum for the ones you love, let alone have anything to the left to have fun. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise when 67% of the retired folks say they would prefer relocating to a location where the cost of living is not that high and hood enough to help you sustain a healthy lifestyle. Find out about the most affordable and safest places you can retire in the US.

Rochester, New York

In comparison to the rest of New York, which has people from above-average income group, Rochester is ideal for retirees who are in the below-average income group. The cost of living for retirees is approximately 0.7% below the national average. The average income for people aged above 65 years is something around $47,912.

The housing costs are comparatively cheaper and are almost 10% below average below for those who are in their retirement. According to a few real estate websites, the median home value is $79,000. This is much cheaper in comparison to $303,600 in the state of New York and $229,000 throughout the United States. Now, much lower cost of living can help you chalk out a budget comfortably if you wish to buy show shovels, warm coats, and other things that you need during the winter season. The percentage of the retired population in Rochester is approximately 10.3%.

Charlottesville, Virginia

None other than Thomas Jefferson lay the foundation stone for this city. Today, Charlottesville has gone on to become one of the most beautiful places in the United States.  The community boasts of Southern charm and is famous for having a liberal edge. Aside from the city center and the college campus, retirees have many options for outdoor recreation.

Retirement might seem to be a time to relax. But being emotionally, mentally, and physically active is also necessary. Charlottesville has everything that a retiree might need to have a good life. The cost of living here is around 2% below the national average. The population of the city is approximately 46,487.

Round Rock, Texas

With a population of 116,369, Round Rock is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places for retirees in the state of Texas. The Austin suburb helps you access the same facilities as the capital city. However, the prices here are quite easy on the pockets, especially for those who are running on a strict budget. Retirees can enjoy a cost of living that is a staggering 5.9% below the national average. The median home value is almost $277,500, which is much lower than that of Austin’s $371,900. There are a lot of attractions in Austin that the retired individuals can enjoy. There is a bevy of dining options in the downtown area. The bars are an integral part of the city’s nightlife. Aside from these, you can also be a part of events such as SculpFest and the Chalk Walk.

Fargo, Nevada

North Dakota is famous for its less strict tax situation and, of course, low prices. As a result, the state ranks as one of the best ones to retire in. The Peace Garden State can be a haven for you if you wish to send your golden years in tranquility as well as keep the cost of living quite low. Fargo has always been famous for its affordability. The comparatively cheaper housing costs have been alluring many a retired individual to this beautiful and scenic location. The average income for those who are 65+ is something close to $57,580.

Retirement is a critical phase of life, and you need to do a lot of savings and calculations. You have to keep your expenses under control and maintain a restricted budget throughout. Settling down in these cities can give you the lifestyle you always wished for. That’s because you can have a perfect balance between your limited earnings while enjoying a relaxing retirement. You deserve the retirement of your dreams after all these years of hard work!

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