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Here’s How You Can Make the Journey of Buying a Car a Hassle-Free Experience with an Auto Loan!

If lately, you have been nursing the dream of owning a gleaming expensive new car, then you have been already looking at new models and already comparing deals. Well, don’t worry, we have the best car buying tips right here, and you get your best car at the right price.

Whether you choose the end of the year or the middle of the year to buy a car, you need to do diligent homework to set off the buying process. Buying a car is always a fun and exciting experience until you realize it is an expensive proposition to buy from dealerships. Let’s get this straight. We may always want out of a pushy salesmen experience.

This is why people want to buy cars from private parties and take out private party auto loans to make their purchases. Private party sales prices are often lower than at dealerships, and they may not offer dealer commissions, which is a great proposition for potential car buyers.

Figure Out What You Can Afford

You may have the eye for the right car, but sometimes you may not afford it because of your finances. So, try and spend 25 percent of your monthly household income on all the cars in your household. This figure may include most monthly car loan payments and the various vehicle costs such as fuel and car insurance costs. For the monthly payment alone, you have to set aside 15 percent for the same.

Compare Auto Loan Rates

Dealers want to sell you the car and get you a car loan. Dealers receive a flat fee or a commission for facilitating auto loans, whether the loan is from the manufacturer or a local lender. Instead of seeking a loan from the dealer, you can compare auto loans at banks and credit unions and get your loan from banks and credit unions before seeking the dealership.  Going in for a pre-approved loan is one of the best ideas.  This way, you can compare the rates and lock in the right rates.

 The Best Financial Deal

If you have excellent credit, a dealer may get you great deals. You can seal the best deal as you take on the automaker’s cash rebate and get financing on your own at a bank or a credit union. However, you can figure out the best interest rate you can get and compare the different car rebates.

Buy The Car at The Best Time of the Year

Find out the best time to buy a car. The dealership has its big sale events during the spring, fall, or the end of the year. That’s the time you will see an influx of leased car sales.

If you are looking to buy the used or certified pre-owned option, these may be the best times to buy a car. The holidays are the perfect time to make your dream come true and buy the perfect car for yourself, used or otherwise.

Get the Best Bargain

Trade in your old car plan when you are finally ready to buy your car. You will fare better if you negotiate the sale price of your new car and get the price of your old car separately. Research and find out about your current car’s value online to get the right deal when you are fixing the trade-in.


When you sit down to discuss the prices, always get together the facts you learn from your research. Find out whether the dealerships offer better deals on your vehicle and seek the price match. Also, ensure you say no to the extra offers you may not even need. Most financing options offer great offers for the highest qualified buyers. Take a good look at your credit report, a low FICO score. If you have a below-par credit experience, you may not get the specials offers and not even get a private party auto loan.

In every case, always shop around and not accept the first financing offer you get, and do not forget to get the cost calculations before saying yes. Double-check that everything you discuss everything is in writing. That’s the only way you can avoid unnecessary fees and seal the best deal over a handshake.

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