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Here Are Four Signs That It’s Time To Refinance That Auto Loan Of Yours

Availing an auto loan is pretty much identical to investing in stocks. Timing is the most crucial part. But, you neither have the flexibility nor the luxury to wait until the market is right when you are in need of a new car. However, you can put all the good deals to use when they are offered, by choosing to refinance your auto loan. A car loan refinancing allows you to choose the appropriate time for utilizing the low rates of interest. Hence, you can rake in a good sum for the future. Below are four signs that indicate that it’s high time you refinance your auto loan.

You Got Cheated By An Auto Dealer

If you are availing an auto loan straight from your dealer, they, in all probability, have punched in a good 1 to 2 percent extra into your interest rate. Though you might feel cheated, it’s completely legal and you can do nothing about it. Dealers charge an extra percentage to find a borrower for you and for all the trouble they undertake. The additional markup is the profit that these guys make in the bargain. For example, if you are taking an auto loan of $20,000 at around 10% APR, you need to shell out a rough $424.94 every month in the absence of markup, for a sum of $25,496.40. But, if an extra 2% is punched in as markup by your dealer, you pay almost $444.89 every month for a total sum of $26,693.40. That’s $1,197 extra. This is the amount charged by the lender for the service they provide and finding a lender for you. You have better choices, don’t you?

You Have Attained A Better Credit Score

Congratulations!!! If your credit report contains negative stuff like loan denials, late payments, etc, all these factors will act as a burden on your credit score. Until and unless you do something to remove that burden, your credit score would never get to rise. For instance, you purchased a car 5 to 6 years after you became bankrupt. Within a year after you have taken the auto loan, you will witness the expiry of your bankruptcy from the credit report. Consequently, your credit score will be boosted by a number of points. After you cross that brink, you might be eligible for a lower rate of interest. You would be retaining hundreds of dollars for the future if you refinance your automobile loan.

A Steep Drop In The Interest Rates

The world and the American economy is highly unpredictable. A period of immense prosperity is followed by an abrupt decline. So, if you wish to buy a car, wait for the federal interest rates to hit an all-time low. Now, how would you know that the federal rates have dropped? Log in to Federal Reserve’s official website and seek out the historical data. Find out the year when you purchased your car and compare that to the current rate. In fact, you wouldn’t need to do all this since a decline in the federal rates often hits the headlines. Even if the federal rate doesn’t have a direct impact on auto loans, cheaper credit has its own benefits.

A Better Deal Is Waiting For You

You always need to search out for better deals whenever you are aiming to refinance your auto loan. As a matter of fact, seeking your credit history, checking out the fed rate, and taking your dealer to task for scamming you a few years back, is always tougher than just finding out the various kinds of interest rates you are eligible for. You can easily get hold of auto loan refinancing quotes from a number of lenders swiftly through various car loan aggregator websites and receive all the details about how much you can retain. Going online is the easiest way to avail better interest rates on automobile loans.

These are the four signs that would tell you when to avail refinancing of your auto loan. Do not ignore these tell-tale signs and act accordingly. Also, you can find out lower rates of interest anytime if you do your own research online. Keep a track of all the interest rates and offers you come across and be ready to max out your savings.

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