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Top Film Festivals Around the World Showcasing the Best Talents and Quality Cinema

The time is ripe for independent filmmakers to strike gold as film festivals are now the norm of the day. They are regular affairs, and the best film festivals worldwide are places where interested investors can find the future’s best classics. Let’s just put it this way, the future of cinema is lurking somewhere in the film festivals.

The truth is, without these film festivals, the short film industry would be in bad shape today. There are some classic film festivals worldwide, showcasing the film world’s best, attended by the industries’ creme da crème. Well, these are the best festivals to be if you are an avid film fan and want to discuss all films under the sun.

These are the places where filmmaking and acting are discussed as art and prove it is just not about the business aspect. Some times good films may not get the attention it deserves at the box office counter but may finally find its place in these good old and new film festivals. So, here are the top film festivals to watch out for!


This is one of the most important and largest independent film festivals in the U.S. Sundance puts the focus back on the more deserving up-and-coming directors than any other film festival you may know about. A case in point was the 2010 Oscars, where almost four of the five films “Best Documentary” category were the Sundance films.

It started from the Sundance Institution, founded by actor Robert Redford. The festival wanted to promote, celebrate, and showcase the American independent film industry’s many achievements in that year.

Cannes Film Festival

Founded in 1946, Cannes Film Festival has turned out to be one of the most prestigious and gala affair with filmmakers flocking into the Cannes shoes in their designer swear to showcase their labor of love! Lately, the Cannes Festival is attracting a lot of press, and you can attend the festival by invitation only. If you do happen to procure a ticket, you may get a chance to sit right beside your favorite star. It attracts the rich and famous by hoards.

Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto is another film festival that attracts as much attention as saying the Cannes. It enjoys a substantial turnout of as many as 400,000 people, and the star power is pretty impressive too! The Toronto International Film Festival or Tiff, as it is popular, was founded in 1976. TIFF has become a hot spot for both aspiring and veteran filmmakers. The film culture operates out of the TIFF Bell Lightbox and is in downtown Toronto.


The Berlin International Film Festival is easily one of the largest globally. Over a million people each year, including film professionals from more than 130 countries of the world, attend this event annually.

The six-day event has many things in the pipeline. It includes panels, discussions, and workshops from some of the best-in-the-business cinematographers in showbiz.

Hong Kong International Film Festival

The Hong Kong International Film Festival is one of the largest cultural events and covers 330 titles from 50 countries. It started showcasing in 1976 and is famous for showcasing one of the best Chinese cinemas. It now attracts approximately 5000 film professionals each year.

Rotterdam Film Festival

Well, there may be several celebrities flocking to Rotterdam, but you may not find a red carpet. Here is a platform where you may spot celebrities mingling with their fans. The festival mostly focuses on international premiers and may garner grants for independent filmmakers and find important unfinished feature films hailing from developing countries.

It is held mostly at the end of January, in various locations in the Netherlands. This is one of the most promising places for emerging talents. It is the place to go if you are an experimental filmmaker.

Well, these are some of the most important film festivals around the world. And it gives a great platform for all the creative professionals out there to showcase their work. At a time of a pandemic like now, movies have been the much-needed respite for people globally. So, we cannot wait for these events to take off and spread cheers in our life. Do let us know which of these events are you looking forward to. And don’t forget to share this movie festival list with your fellow movie buffs!

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