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Six Celebrities And Their Equally Famous Furry Friends

Often we don’t realize how lonely celebrities feel. They can’t go out when they want, they can’t talk to strangers, and even if they have friends, they need to be very choosy. Moreover, the huge pressure from media and being in the public eye all the time adds to all the stress. Hence, having a pet can be highly therapeutic. Several celebrities have taken this suggestion into account and have pets that are more precious to them than any friends. Here are some famous celebrity dogs who are as famous as their owners.

Lady Gaga’s Asia

Lady Gaga is famous for her loud choices and her controversial lyrics. In 2014, she adopted a French bulldog and named it Asia. It has a nickname BatPig. The dog has over 235K followers on Instagram and even has her profile verified. She enjoys a fabulous lifestyle. Lady Gaga has 2 other bulldogs named Koji and Moonpig. Thanks to her $375 million net worth, she provides well for all her furry friends. Along with her famous owner, she has appeared in various fashion magazine covers. In fact, she featured in a Shisheido commercial too. Like mom, her sense of style is quite unique. She often gets to have a picnic in the open!

Priyanka Chopra’s Diana

In 2016, Priyanka Chopra Jonas adopted a pooch in 2016. When she left India to shoot for Quantico, she left her old cocker spaniel back home in Mumbai. But she missed her sorely, hence she adopted a new pup and named her Diana. And now with over 88K followers, she is probably one of the most fashionable pets in the industry right now. Recently she got a Goyard’s chic leatherVoltigeur bag that costs more than $2000. We hear it is the Louis Vuitton in the pet world. Whenever Chopra-Jonas steps out in style we see her furry friend looking equally stylish.

Miranda Kerr’s Frankie

Miranda Kerr adopted a Yorkshire terrier, at a time when she was going through a rough patch. Her divorce with Orlando Bloom left her lonely. Her son had shared custody and hence he visited his father many times. To keep herself company during those times, Miranda adopted the dog and named it Frankie. Since then Frankie had become a permanent fixture beside Miranda and even went to her shoots as well. Along with her owner, Frankie has appeared in various shoots beside Kerr.

Obamas’ Bo

Social media accounts are still okay but think of a Wikipedia page for the dog? Well, when you are a pet for the first family of the USA, you can have the privilege of all that. Back in 2008, Bo was gifted to the first family after months of speculation of what breed they would get as their pet. He was a Portuguese Water dog. Later they adopted a female dog of the same breed and named her Sunny. The two dogs accompanied the first family and were seen in several pictures. Bo was called the First Dog.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Beast

Beast is a well-known figure in the world of social media. Zuckerberg’s social media accounts have several pictures of the puli, who used to look like a ball of fluff initially. However, it is quite old now and looks more like a ball of a mop. In 2011, when Zuckerberg got hitched to his long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan, it was Beast who walked Chan down the aisle. Being the adopted son of the famous couple, Beast enjoys a Facebook profile of his own. It is a Hungarian herding dog and probably one of its kind to have a Facebook page.

Liam Hemsworth’s Dora

Celebrated actor Liam Hemsworth has just tied the knot with girlfriend Miley Cyrus. Miley’s love for animals is not unknown. She had a pig and a dog Milky as well. Turns out she is the one who helped Liam to adopt a dog for himself. He found one and named her after the character Dora The Explorer. The Labradoodle was found from a shelter. His Instagram feed is full of pictures of him with the dog and that shows how much attached he is with her.

All the pictures of the celebrity pets, have pretty much given us our daily dose of cuteness. It is great to see these celebrities caring for their pets and living a better life that way.

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