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Paris Hilton Splashes $230,000 on Cocktails After Pocketing $2.7m in Just Four Days


If there is one thing Paris Hilton can do better aside playing as a DJ, it is how to run up a tub. She once partied with friends at Marquee in New York City and spent $230,000 on cocktails. What do we expect a heiress who just made$2.7m in just four days on her DJ tour? Hilton is a money bag whose spending spree is legendary.

She had 11 bottles – each – of Patron, Cristal and Grey Goose for her gang and the bill came to $230,000. Hilton had spent a four day leg of her tour to Ibiza at club Amnesia and got paid in millions.

There was no other way to keep her gang in celebration mood than give them the expensive drinks.

Paris has done exceeding great on her own that she is more richer than her wealthy parents. Paris has  a retail empire included 50 stores, 19 product lines, and sales from 23 different fragrances that have exceeded $2.5 billion. Also, her fortune is  about $300 million according to reports.

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