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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Surprise Cancer Patients with THIS Amazing Gift

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have proven that Hollywood marriages don’t always end in divorce. After 12 years of their blissful union, the two are still madly in love with each other and enjoy a great family dynamic with their two daughters. They share homes in Sydney, Beverly Hills, Nashville, and New York.

Nicole and Keith melted our hearts when they recently paid a visit to the young patients at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick.

The kids at the oncology and intensive care units of the hospital had a fun day with the celebrity couple. They played with sick kids and held adorable babies, as Nicole performed her role as the ambassador for the hospital’s foundation. For Nicole, it was an important moment when they visited the incredibly brave children who were fighting for their life on hospital beds.

The couple put smiles on the faces of these kids, who needed relief from the constant beeping machines surrounding them. Nicole and Keith have maintained their love life by setting certain boundaries at home. They keep their careers away from their personal lives and focus on spending time as a family when they’re at home. The couple has no television in their bedroom and no computer in their beds to distract them from each other.

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