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Incredible Things About Emma Stone That She Hid from Us

Emma Stone has to be one of the most celebrated entertainers in Hollywood, but most of her fans are probably not aware that her real name is not Emma. The La La Land leading actress was born as Emily Jean Stone but she decided to shorten it to Emma as her stage name. The award-winning beauty started acting at 11 in her community theatre in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Before she made it big in Hollywood, Emma’s career was a lot glamorous than it is now. The talented actress was a programmer who built websites. But coding was never really her passion, which is why she quit her job and decided to give acting a shot. It wasn’t long before she started appearing in films and was quickly noticed by producers.

The first time she ever performed at a school musical was when she was six. Emma struggled with panic attacks and anxiety while growing up and she even wrote a book  about her experiences, I Am Bigger Than My Anxiety.

The only way she could convince her parents that Hollywood was going to be her second home was to create a PowerPoint presentation named ‘Project Hollywood’. For those who are wondering what else the actress can do besides writing, Emma also has a beautiful voice that she has lent to many songs.

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