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Here’s How Super Singer Rihanna Created Her Fortune


According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rihanna is worth an estimated $245 million.  The singer who is the “top-selling digital artist of all time,” banks on her music for her fortune. This doesn’t mean that she is only into music. Rihanna partners with prominent brands to diversify her income.

Rihanna had sold 60 million albums and 215 million digital tracks according to Roc Nation, her record label.  In 2016 alone, she made $2.5 million from sales, $7.6 million from streaming, and $10.1 million in recording royalties, according to Billboard.

Rihanna doesn’t stay on the music lane alone when it comes to making money.  She has deal with River Island, Mac, Armani, Puma, and Balmain according to her website. Also, she has featured in many movies like This Is The End, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and Ocean’s 8. She is also into makeup, perfume, and lingerie line.  She is a marketable celebrity who can sell everything she puts her hands upon.

She has also invested on real estate and has never allowed bad business to stop her from making more investments.  She learns from her financial woes and kicks off better than we met her the last time.


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