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Finally! Benedict Cumberbatch Awarded a Star on The Famous Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Kevin Feige and J. J. Abrams has recently presented the famous Hollywood Walk of fame star to the renowned actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Having a star at the Hollywood Walk of fame is a great deal for any actor or musician because it means that your name is going to get featured alongside legends such as Michael Jackson, Mohammad Ali, etc. However, before we dive into the details of this event, let’s start by shedding some light on who this lucky actor is and how was his life before and actor he started acting.

Who is Benedict Cumber Batch?

Benedict Cumberbatch is a British actor who was born in London on 19 July 1962. Both, his father Timothy Carlton, and mother Wanda Ventham were actors that made Benedict inclined towards dramatic arts from a very young age. During his time at Harrow school, Benedict became an art scholar and joined the dramatics arts club called the Rattigan Society there.

During his boarding school days, Benedict Cumberbatch took part in a variety of Shakespearean plays during which his art teacher advised him against pursuing a career in acting despite his extraordinary acting capabilities. However, Benedict Cumberbatch decided to pursue acting anyways and trained himself as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Benedict Cumberbatch is known for playing intelligent and high-functioning characters and for his resonant and peculiar voice. Today, he has become a household name and an international icon and also looked up to by many aspiring actors because of his impeccable acting skills.

The First Break

Benedict Cumberbatch has been acting since 1999. However, his breakthrough role in the critically acclaimed TV series called Sherlock Holmes skyrocketed his career and helped him establish himself as an international icon. He played the protagonist Sherlock Holmes in this adaptation of the classic novel by Conan Doyle. Benedict’s Sherlock was, in his own words, a sociopath instead of smoking from pipe like the traditional Sherlock Holmes used patches of nicotine. The series ran for four seasons on HBO and to this date remains the most renowned and loved Sherlock Holmes series.

Roles and Nominations

Benedict Cumberbatch has appeared in some of Hollywood’s most famous and successful movies and TV shows such as the imitation game, Doctor Strange, Sherlock Holmes, 12 years a slave, Atonement, Spiderman- No way Home, etc. For his role as Patrick Melrose, Benedict Cumberbatch won the prestigious BAFTA Award, Prime Time Emmy Awards, and the British Academy Television Award. In addition, Benedict Cumberbatch has been nominated twice for both, the Academy Awards and BAFTA awards and a whopping five times for the Prime-Time Emmy Awards. Benedict Cumberbatch has also been nominated six times for the British Academy Television Awards and four times for the prestigious Golden Globe Awards.

The Glamorous Event

The Hollywood Walk of Fame was completed in 1961 with 1558 of its original and initial stars. Benedict Cumberbatch’s star is the 2714th star there. The event was like any other event in Hollywood, oozing with glamour and surrounded by the paparazzi.

During his speech, Benedict Cumberbatch paid homage to Tracy Peacock, his sister, who lost the battle against cancer last year. He mentioned how his sister would’ve been delighted to be with him during the event and how she would’ve loved all the glitz and glamour while also laughing and crying at the same time for his brother’s great accomplishment. In addition, he also extended his support and solidarity to the people of Ukraine who’ve been struck by a war against Russia recently.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s story is a testament to the fact that if you never give up on your dreams despite what people say and stay persistent then there is nothing in the world that you cannot achieve. Even though he started acting in 199 it wasn’t until after eleven years that we received true fame and recognition.

For eleven years Benedict Cumberbatch kept working and kept coming back harder. His life is proof that if you truly believe in yourself and the power of your dreams then the universe will create ways for you and guide you in the right direction. No wonder why the president of Marvel Studios referred to Benedict Cumberbatch’s star as a well-deserved place in history.”

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