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Everything We Know About Marc Kalman – Bella Hadid’s New Boyfriend

The news of Bella Hadid’s romance is abuzz since July 8. Instagram is flooded with the 24-year-old model’s picture that she recently posted with her lover Marc Kalman, an art director by profession. The duo’s lovey-dovey snap was all about the pair cuddling up in France, at the IG gallery, stunned her fans and critics alike. The captions were equally mushy, where Hadid wrote “Time of my life”, and Kalman labeled it as “Healthy, Working and Loved”.

How It All Started?

While it’s a known fact that media outlets and the paparazzi are always on the lookout for “Kalman’s” life, Hadid’s public life has always been the subject of mass attention. However, now that her private life is made official on Instagram, curiosity knows no end! Naturally, the France outing was not the only one that sparked attention and rumors all around. The question, however, is who’s Kalman and how is he related to Hadid?

Apart from flaunting titles like fashion assistant to The New York Times or T Magazine, Kalman is quite habituated with the celebrity-fashion sphere. Despite maintaining a very low profile on social media, Kalman has enjoyed the attention and fan followings of figures like model Fai Khadra, designer Virgil, and musician Diplo. If you are intrigued enough, you can check out these interesting facts about Kalman as well.

Kalman, The Art Director Has Worked With Travis Scott For Years

As an art director, Kalman has a peculiar Kardashian connection as he has worked with Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend. Recognized for being amazing professionals, the partnership has rendered some of the best creations in the music industry. Kalman’s portfolio site is equally prolific as his projects. From doing album art for Scott to doing branding for Milk Studio’s Made Fashion Week- he has done it all.

He has also worked with artist Corey Damon Black, especially when they collaborated for Scott’s branding. Kalman and Black also did an interview with 1985 which hinted about their work and served much like a profile for the two. Writer Peril Aschenbrand described Kalman as a ‘great listener’ and even described him as “a young Fabien Baron, Charles Saatchi, and Steve Jobs all rolled into one”.

As far as their working relationship is concerned, Black said that Kalman helps him in managing his impulses. He also confessed that he resorts to Kalman when consulting on anything important, regardless of what anyone thinks. Upon being asked how they got their art to the internet, both said, “with value and with respect”.

Privacy On Social Media Maintained, But The Lovers Follow Each Other

Both the love birds are quite guarded when it comes to their private lives, so they don’t share much about their relationship. Much like Dalton Gomez – Ariana Grande’s husband and Adam Faze – Olivia Rodrigo’s new boyfriend, the duo has set their Instagram profile to private. However, they have followed each other on Instagram and the couple never misses out on each other’s lives.

Kalman And Hadid Were First Linked In June 2021

The Daily Mail had once run a video of Bella where she was getting lunch with Kalman or her ‘rumored beau’. For the first time, the two were linked romantically in public. The video made a foray into the outside world when an unverified gossip account of Instagram, DeuxMoi, made a post that claimed Hadid had a new boyfriend. Once Hadid had made her own Instagram post public, DeuxMoi quickly updated about their relationship, clearly referencing the initial post. Hadid, however, didn’t verify this, so the gossip continues.

The Present Status

The Sun has reported that both Hadid and Kalman got introduced via mutual friends. They were on a lunch date in New York City when they were first spotted together. Most critics have already started speculating whether the new relationship has any prospects and if this will be Hadid’s first promising relationship after her on-again-and-off-again affair that came to an end in 2019.

Thankfully, the ex-lovers decided to move on mutually. At least we hope that the couple will discover love once again in renewed spirit. If this turns out to be successful, we might even see them walk the aisle together. You never know!

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