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Why ‘Aquaman 2’ and Other Superhero Films Flopped

In a shocking turn of events, the much-anticipated “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” failed to make waves at the box office, signaling a troubling trend in the superhero genre. With a mere $28 million debut, $9 million below projections, it joins the ranks of superhero films facing the phenomenon dubbed “superhero fatigue” in 2023. But it’s not alone—other caped crusaders like The Flash, Blue Beetle, and even Captain Marvel are feeling the burn.

The Superhero Struggle: Why ‘Aquaman 2’ Couldn’t Swim Against the Tide

Instagram | prideofgypsies | Despite a star-studded cast led by Jason Momoa, “Aquaman 2” struggled to stay afloat.

Despite a star-studded cast led by Jason Momoa, “Aquaman 2” struggled to stay afloat. With a hefty $205 million budget, the sequel fell significantly short of its predecessor’s $67.8 million debut in 2018.

It now claims the unfortunate title of the fourth worst-performing DC Extended Universe film debut ever. But ‘Aquaman 2’ isn’t the lone ranger in this struggle; other DC films like “The Flash,” “Shazam! Fury of the Gods,” and “Blue Beetle” also missed the mark.

The Downfall of Heroes: A Year of Superhero Disappointments

  • The Flash: $55.1 million debut, $12 million below expectations.
  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Opened to $30.5 million, significantly lower than its predecessor.
  • Blue Beetle: A modest opening at $25 million, falling short of projections.

And let’s not forget Disney’s “The Marvels,” the sequel to “Captain Marvel,” which plummeted to the lowest-earning installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, earning only $47 million—a far cry from the previous installment’s success.

In the Shadows of Giants: Remembering the Box Office Glory

Instagram | schlocklandmarathon | “Avengers: Endgame” was a huge hit in 2019

In 2023, people are getting a bit tired of superhero movies. But let’s remember a time when they were super popular. “Avengers: Endgame” was a huge hit in 2019, making a massive $357 million when it first came out. That was a big deal and set a high standard for superhero movies, but now it feels like a long time ago.

The Silver Lining: What to Watch for in December

December typically starts slow at the box office, gaining momentum into the New Year. Even though “Aquaman 2” didn’t do as well as expected, the first movie in the series did much better, making $335 million in North America and a huge $1.15 billion worldwide. Right now, it seems like there might not be any super huge blockbuster movies during this holiday season, but there’s still a chance things could turn around and get better.

DC Studios in Crisis: A Reckoning for Aquaman and Beyond

Since 2018, only "Black Adam" in 2022 surpassed $60 million in ticket sales

Instagram | | Since 2018, only “Black Adam” in 2022 surpassed $60 million in ticket sales.

  • Final Chapter: “Aquaman 2” is expected to be the last installment, marking a turning point for DC Studios.
  • New Leadership: DC Studios’ new co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran plan a reboot after a string of disappointing years.
  • Box Office Drought: Since 2018, only “Black Adam” in 2022 surpassed $60 million in ticket sales, a stark contrast to earlier hits like “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad.”

Unveiling the DC Drama: Behind the Scenes Controversy

DC Studios had a tough time in 2023. Some bad stories were circling around their actors, like Jason Momoa. There were court papers from Amber Heard’s divorce with Johnny Depp. These papers said Momoa was drunk while working. But someone from DC said it wasn’t true and talked about how professional Momoa is.

Saying goodbye to “Aquaman” is not easy. We see our favorite superheroes going through a hard time. We don’t know what will happen to superhero movies in 2023. Will we get more big, exciting movies, or is this the end of superheroes ruling the screens? We can only wait and see.

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