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Creative and Entertaining Ideas to Make Your Restaurant More Happenning!

A restaurant isn’t someplace where you provide food only. It’s an experience. Most of the popular restaurants create great memories for their customers. After going for a seven-course meal at a top-notch restaurant, the customers must come out of it, not only satisfying their finer palates but also satisfying their souls. Dining should be an experience that the customers should not forget in a hurry.

So, how can you go beyond the conventional meal-eating experience at a restaurant? Nowadays, restaurants create an experience offering what every millennial wants, entertainment, entertainment, and more entertainment. The kind of entertainment offered by the restaurant influences the millennial‘s decision, whether they will visit the restaurant or they will skip it. Let’s find out some of the entertainment options that the restaurants are offering.

All about Arcade Games

The era of the Pinball machines, PAC-MAN, Tetris is all back! Yes, the millennials are loving the arcade games that kept a generation transfixed to their game.

You may have played some of these classics when you were a kid. However, the generation today is looking to balance their PAC-MAN with their spaghetti. Retro fun is back, and trending and restaurants are coming up to include some of these games on the menu.

There is a Toronto bar, Get Well, that serves an array of great arcade games. You can team up some game fun with pizza along with a chilled beer. To all the other restaurants who are looking to amp up their cool quotient, they can easily line up some arcade games at the sidelines.

They can have a fulfilling game while they are waiting for their fancy dishes to crowd their tables. Well, they can stick around for a longer time even after finishing their meals. Who knows, they may keep ordering more dishes and more drinks to end their day on a high score, a big win for you as an owner.

Slam Poetry

Slam poetry communities are making an elite comeback. Large crowds are crowding to cafes and smaller restaurants, and a session of great slam poetry is making the evening an artistic affair.
It also creates a sense of community between poets and listeners, giving your customers something to speak and ponder over a sumptuous meal.

If you are hosting slam poetry night, ensure you bring some larger local names alongside and bring some open mic time drawing the new guys on the block. Once you get the drift, you may start exploring more options and host slam competitions for the more popular performers. Once your customers connect to your performers, they will keep coming back for more.

Visual Elements

Taste is not the only thing that will lure the elite diners with their sophisticated palates. You will need something else too. A completely memorable dining experience can cater to all five senses, and many restaurants are thinking out of the box to draw their customers. Restaurant owners are blending in otherworldly visuals and tantalizing smells to lure the eclectic diners.

Tokyo’s Sagaya restaurant is a pioneer in this field as they are teaming up with teamLab, a digital arts agency, to make a visual spectacle for their customers. TeamLab explains how they can make it an amazing experience after placing a dish on the table. It would unleash a scenic world, blending the table into the surrounding space. A case in point is a bird on the ceramic dish. It flies away from the dish and may perch onto the branch of a different dish on the table. That and the dish could make for an out worldly experience.

Photo Booth

This is one of the coolest ways to bring in the young and hip crowd, and yes, it also calls for cool shots for your Instagram.

The classic photo booth Polaroid is the best blast from the experience you can provide. Your customers may tag you all their posts on Instagram.

Aerial Silks

Although it completely depends on the space available at the restaurant, aerial silks are the new show to lure the customers to their restaurants. Aerial silks are making a flying entry to nightclubs and for special events. Just watching the dancers fly around the air on two pieces of rope, scaring and enticing the customers with their daredevilry! Well, after the aerial spectacle, the customers will go away to their homes with more than just the memory of the finger-licking food.

Well, if your food is great and you are looking for some innovative ways to make your restaurant more popular and make a memorable dining experience for your customers, these are just the ideas you need.

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