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Chefs Are Fussier Than You Think! Here’s a Look at Six of Them!

If you are to think fo the ultimate foodies, you will surely think of a few celebrity chefs mostly because they cook the best dishes in the world. However, have you ever wondered just what foods your favorite foodies hate? Well, it seems strange for a chef to be a picky eater, and yet some of them most certainly are! Some celeb chefs have foods they simply cannot stomach!

Ree Drummond

While The Pioneer Woman is a warm, comforting lady who embodies all things domestic and homely, she is just human! She, too, has the strange food aversion that brought her to our list. The funny, down-to-earth and charming Drummond has a least favorite fruit – bananas.

Drummond is kind enough to have still developed some delicious recipes with banana for her fans, though she doesn’t enjoy them herself. It seems she really can’t stand this common fruit, as she used the terms “abhor, loath, and recoils”!

Aaron Sanchez

There are two types of foodies out there – those who love green peppers and those who hate green peppers. Aaron Sanchez is a celeb chef who falls in the latter group. While many people love the fresh crunch of a crisp green pepper, Sanchez wouldn’t touch it. The funny thing about him is that he doesn’t mind yellow or red peppers, but the green ones he wouldn’t bother with!  He feels they are bland and tasteless.

Katie Lee

When it comes to wasabi, chef Katie Lee just won’t do it. Granted, it is a reliable and intensely spicy flavor and somewhat unique. Wasabi isn’t something every palette finds comfortable and might take a while to like it. Katie Lee will have none of it, though. However, she does like hot sauce, so it isn’t the bite that scares her off! Even she isn’t quite sure exactly why she detests it so much!

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was a great chef. He is a chef who loved to travel, and it so happened that his pet hate was plane food! Yes, many of us who have experienced the food on planes share the same thought, but it must have been hard for him, being a celebrity chef and traveling as much as he did. Bourdain detested plane food to the extent that he once took his food with him on a plane! We can imagine what the other passengers thought of him as he unwrapped his delicious BBQ while they sat looking at the plate of plane food!

Donal Skehan

Some things are either loved or hated, and licorice is just one of them. Celebrity chef Donal Skehan is one who hates licorice – strongly. While the chef does his fair share of tasting around and even travels across the globe, tasting various dishes from a range of cuisines, he steers clear of anything with a licorice flavor profile. We wonder if he pushes aside fennel and aniseed as well. Probably.

Gordon Ramsay

Our dear Gordon Ramsay is famous for blowing his top and shouting out in colorful language! What would his shows be without his temper and his love for food! Well, you may not guess it, but Ramsay cannot stand pineapple on a pizza. You might imagine that it is the perfect marriage of sweet and sour, a balancing of the flavors if you will. Well, Ramsay will hear nothing of it! We bet you will remember this the next time you order your pizza – hear Ramsay yelling about not adding pineapple as topping on your pizza.

Well, pepperoni, it is! Ramsay also steers clear of grits, deep-fried turkey and – you won’t believe it – sandwiches! We knew that Ramsay was a bit of a snob, and we aren’t surprised at all that he is the fussiest of celebrity chefs we have come across!

Personal palates sure are a strange thing. So the next time you smile to yourself about something you dislike, think about your favorite celebrity chefs and what their food aversions are!  Celeb chefs are more human than we thought, and there are many more crazy food aversions to find among the celeb chefs on the Food Network!

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