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Bridgerton Season Two – Here’s What to Expect

The first season of Bridgerton on Netflix created ripples all over. It arrived right in the middle of a quieter holiday season where people stayed mostly at home. With people looking to binge on something new and exciting, Shonda Rhimes’s adaptation of Julia Quinn’s popular book series became a runaway hit. It sparked off a string of discussions, while people on social media went on and on about the costumes, the regal settings, the attractive actors, and sparking off debates on who is the real Lady Whilstledown.

Is she who we think she is? Well, right from its steamy romances to scandalous incidents, everything about season one was interesting and invigorating and what is even more interesting is that there was a hint of season 2. Well, the fans of the show could finally breathe a huge sigh of relief as the trailer of season 2 dropped and people were beyond excited.

It’s Spring and Officially Bridgerton Season

Netflix had already announced that season 2 will premiere in spring, on March 25, 2022. The whiff of the news came with a new lineup of the cast that includes new leads Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey. While the official teaser was released on Valentine’s Day 2022, it sticks true to Julia Quinn’s book series where she gives equal importance to all of the Bridegerton siblings. Season 2 is likely to shift the focus on the eldest brother Anthony, his quests, and romances as the teaser pique the interest of the audience who are all agog to know more about the brother and his romance. It certainly raises the bar and creates great expectations.

Simone Bids Adieu

Bridgerton bid farewell to the character of Simone played by Rege-Jean Page, the Duke of Hastings in season 1. Although the sparkling romance between him and Daphne, played by Phoebe Dynevor, was one of the most exciting aspects of the first season, it is unlikely to get repeated in the second season. Although we may not see the handsome Rege-Jean Page in the second season, Simone may get a look in. Rege-Jean said in one of his interviews that although people may have loved their effervescent romance, it is time the stories moved forward organically, focussing on the romance of the other characters.

Simone Ashley Joins The Cast as Kate Sharma

Bridgerton season 2 will take the story forward spilling secrets on Anthony’s complicated life as the eldest sibling, also his love interest, Kate Sharma, played by Simone Ashley, will be there at the forefront. Netflix has always dropped not-so-subtle hints right from the very beginning. and it is their images that have hooked the audience.

Will this new couple be able to live up to the expectations created by the Duke of Hastings and Daphne? Their romance was magical and people kept adding adages to their romance like beautiful and passion, one of the most iconic romances to be portrayed on OTT.

Bridgertons’ Father Will Finally Make an Appearance

This season will spring another surprise on the audience, such as Bridgertons’ father, Edmund Bridgerton. The role will be essayed by none other than Rupert Evans, who has announced the same to his fans on social media. Although he has been declared dead in the first season, his scenes will be played in flashbacks and dream sequences. He will portray the character of a loving husband who has a beautiful romance with his wife, Violet Bridgerton with whom he shares eight children. He has been a guiding force in Anthony’s life, helping him overcome hurdles and move on with life.

The show simply gets better, more dramatic and it keeps the fans invested in the series much like the books. It only gets better with each season. Fans can expect all of eight seasons much like the books. The question is will the second season be as good as the first season? We have to wait and watch for the 25th of March, 2022 to know more about it. Well, we are for glitzy romances and mammoth production scales, and dreamy romances, not to forget those gorgeous costumes that are enough to steal our senses.

Are you looking forward to the new season of Bridgerton? Well, what we can say is we simply cannot stay calm, so bring it on!

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