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Five Telltale Signs It’s Time To Rethink Your Career

Bored at your work? You need to seek out ways to fall back in love with your job. Even individuals who love their jobs may be struck with boredom or feel unsatiated over time. As a matter of fact, this boredom is the primary reason why people tend to leave their jobs and look for greener pastures. Only a meager one-third of people say that they look out for a new job to grab new opportunities and take up a new challenge. Many a time, boredom fades away and you fall in love with your job once again. But, it’s not the same for every individual. If you find yourself yearning for a new scene, you can opt for new projects. That way, you are fixing things internally. However, if external factors are weighing you down and making you feel dissatisfied with your present job, it’s high time you need to move ahead. Down below are five signs which hint that you need to undergo a change as far as your professional life is concerned:

Your Circumstances Are Taking A Toll On Other Areas Of Your Life

When you find yourself in a rather unfavorable or bad situation, the feeling of despair, anger, anxiety, and depression might overwhelm you to such an extent and have an adverse impact on other areas of your life. You realize that it’s time you make a change. Avoid bringing your job concerns home as your family can’t solve them for you. When you notice that your job is negatively affecting how you mix and interact with your colleagues and friends, you know it’s time to move on. One analysis revealed that individuals with low-paying jobs are more prone to divorces. Stress gets poured over to other spheres, and it can be hard to gain back control over it.

You Work In A Toxic Environment

An unhealthy and toxic work environment can have a substantial impact on your peace of mind and job performance. A study conducted in May this year established that incivility, harassment, ostracism, and bullying have huge negative impacts on productivity. Another study unveiled that being in a job you dislike is detrimental to your health. When people are surrounded by negativity in their workplace for quite a long period of time, their performance is bound to get affected, thus inviting criticisms from your boss. This leads to an employee quitting his job voluntarily or involuntarily.

You Are Unable To Align With Your Values

If you are unable to align your job with your values, it’s better you start considering a shift. Faking things may prove to be beneficial but only up to a time. You need to ask yourself whether you are happy with your present job and would want to see yourself there for the next 10 years. If there is a prolonged dissatisfaction, you need a change. Wouldn’t you wish to see yourself at the desired position some years down the line?  Will it be possible with this incessant disappointment that you have within yourself? Is it what you really believe in and are really passionate about?

You Are Unable to Move Forward

A plateau might be a temporary phase in your career and quite a desirable one, too. But the problem arises when you are unable to get out of the said plateau. Breaks are important since it keeps your momentum moving. But you better not get stuck. If you do, your physical and mental health goes for a toss. When you do not have proper sleep or enough nutritious food during meal times, things will turn for the worse.

You Are Losing Control

If you often find your life in chaos due to a hectic work routine, you can often feel that you are trapped. It signals a change that you need to start, even if you find it challenging or intimidating. Individuals who are in complete control of their lives and are confident of achieving their goals in spite of all the hardships are more likely to have a prolonged and healthier life.

Look out for the areas where you can usher in changes and adjustments as per your liking. All you need to do is look at the bigger picture of your workplace and your life in order to gain a better perspective of the spheres that you do/can have control of. Even if circumstances are beyond your control, you can still restrain your reactions towards them for sure.

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