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Top Pick for January 2024: Why This 11% Dividend Stock Is a Must-Buy

Remember that doomsday article from Fortune last year prophecizing the “office real estate apocalypse?” If you took their word for it, you might have missed out on a golden opportunity: a well-diversified, 11.4%-yielding closed-end fund (CEF) called the Neuberger Berman Real Estate Securities Income Fund (NRO) that’s been quietly crushing the market.

Forget the fear-mongering headlines and picture this: strolling down a bustling, sun-drenched street in Manhattan, skyscrapers piercing the sky, and the hum of commerce pulsating through the city’s veins. That’s the reality of the office market, not some dystopian wasteland propogated by Fortune.

Sure, there have been adjustments. The rise of remote work has reshaped the landscape, but to write off office real estate entirely is like declaring the death of cities because online shopping exists. People still crave human connection, collaboration, and the energy of a shared workspace. The office isn’t dead; it’s evolving.

Freepik | wavebreakmedia_micro | Remote work has changed the game, but dismissing office real estate is like saying cities are obsolete.

This is where NRO comes in. It’s like a savvy real estate investor with a nose for undervalued gems. It doesn’t put all its eggs in the “shiny new office tower” basket. Instead, it spreads its wings across a diverse portfolio of income-generating real estate – think industrial warehouses, logistics hubs, and even healthcare facilities.

Let’s debunk the fear narrative point by point:

Myth #1: Office REITs are doomed.

Reality: Only 6.2% of NRO’s holdings are in office REITs! Even if some office buildings face temporary challenges, it’s a tiny blip on the broader radar.

Myth #2: High vacancy rates spell disaster.

Reality: Moody’s might point to a 19.6% national office vacancy rate, but that’s a national average. NRO focuses on prime locations in major cities, where vacancies are far lower, and demand remains strong.

Myth #3: The market knows everything.

Reality: The market often overreacts to headlines. Remember that Fortune article? It sent NRO’s NAV plummeting 32% in 2022. Thankfully, reality has a way of catching up, and NRO’s NAV has already recovered most of that lost ground.

Freepik | | NRO boasts a rock-solid portfolio, a healthy dividend, and a near-10% discount to its true value.

So, what’s the takeaway? Don’t get spooked by fleeting trends and sensational headlines. Look beyond the noise and focus on fundamentals. NRO boasts a rock-solid portfolio, a healthy dividend, and a near-10% discount to its true value. It’s like finding a prime beachfront property on sale – a rare opportunity to lock in a high-yielding, well-diversified real estate play at a bargain price.

Here’s why NRO Is the Hidden Gem You Need in Your Portfolio:

  • High-Yielding Dividend: That juicy 11.4% annual dividend can seriously boost your passive income stream. Imagine replacing a big chunk of your salary with rental income from prime real estate – that’s the power of NRO.
  • Diversified Portfolio: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. NRO spreads its bets across various real estate sectors, minimizing risk and maximizing potential returns.
  • Discount to NAV: This is like getting a brand-new car at a used-car price. The market overreacted to office worries, creating a sweet entry point for savvy investors.
  • Resilient Holdings: Even if the office apocalypse (which isn’t happening) materialized, NRO’s focus on diverse, in-demand properties would limit the impact.

Investing in NRO Is Like Saying “Yes” To:

Freepik | Investing in NRO is like saying yes to Financial security.

  • Financial security: That dependable dividend can be your safety net, your rainy day fund, or your ticket to early retirement.
  • Passive income: Let your money work for you while you focus on what you love. NRO collects the rent, and you reap the rewards.
  • Real estate exposure: Own a piece of the ever-growing real estate market without the hassle of being a landlord yourself.

Remember, the future isn’t written in headlines. It’s shaped by smart decisions and calculated risks. Don’t let fear-mongering hold you back from this hidden gem. Dive into NRO’s diversified portfolio, unlock its high-yielding potential, and let your real estate dreams take flight.

The choice is yours: be swayed by fleeting headlines or become a savvy investor who sees beyond the noise. NRO beckons, offering a secure path to passive income and long-term wealth creation. Will you answer the call?

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