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Three Online Businesses That You Can Start During The Lockdown

The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives in ways we never imagined even in our wildest dreams — from forcing people to stay indoors for months to the whole world embracing the culture of work from home. The gripping fear of catching the virus has left everyone in a state of shock and fear. However, it’s not just bad things that have been happening as a result of the pandemic. There have been numerous great things that have taken place too. For instance, global air pollution has significantly reduced over the past two quarters, and a few species of animals that were considered endangered until now seem to be claiming back their space.

However, it’s not just nature that’s healing and getting better. People have been experiencing a change in their lifestyle for good. People have been cutting down on takeaways which is helping their finances to improve their health which has brought about a significant change. People are embracing newer ways to make money and use their free time better. That’s one of the reasons why you might be noticing newer businesses pop up in the online world ever since the lockdown was implemented. If you are at home and trying to start a business of your own too, here’s what you could do.

Virtual Assistant

As it is not possible for people to venture out to work but might still need some assistance to get things done, you could become a professional virtual assistant. As every business needs assistance from setting up an online store to marketing it, you could offer your service to these small businesses and make money out of it. Basing on your skill set, experience, and expertise, you could take up roles like managing appointments and expenses, aiding in online marketing, paying bills, promoting the services, and so on.


Well, one thing we have all been doing religiously is to wash our hands over and over again. While it looks like everyone has turned into a germaphobe, it seems to be for the better. So, why not start selling soaps to your friends, family, acquaintances, and of course the bigger market out there by setting up a store online? While bulk purchasing of soap and selling it is a great idea, you could increase your profits and ensure your business is successful by making these soaps at home.

With the numerous soap-making courses online and the material readily available, you could start making customized soaps to meet your customer’s needs. Handmade soaps have always been popular, more so if it is customized and gives a special something to your customer. So, why not get started with this business! You could set up your soap-making business with an investment as little as 300-500 dollars.


Well, working from home was looked down upon in most countries, and people considered this to be a less serious professional choice. However, the past six months have a different story to tell. Organizations are actively looking at hiring people who work remotely. This is because it not just saves the infrastructure expenses that an organization incurs while running a business, but also because of being able to work with the people having the right skill set.

The geographical distance was considered to be a barrier until COVID-19 made us realize that we all do not have to be sitting across the same room to get things done. While globalization did manage to do that over the past few years, one could truly say that it was COVID-19 that made it a reality.You could use your skill to be a full-time freelancer and make a business out of it. From teaching online courses to creating your vlog, from writing content to designing webpages, the options are unlimited.

These are just three of the many options you have for making money online during the pandemic. However, be careful and do thorough research before investing money somewhere. The last thing you want to battle during the pandemic is a financial scam with a fraudster taking you for a ride.
So, what are you waiting for? See this time you have on hand as a great way to make some money, find professional success, and explore newer horizons. Good luck with your new online business!

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