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How To Make Money By Selling Toys

If you have kids at home, you will know the importance of toys. Kids love and adore them, and that makes the market quite lucrative market. You can also be a part of this by selling the most unique and the ones that are in trend. As per the reports, the online sales of toys amounted to something in the ballpark of 90.7 billion in 2019. That tells you a lot about the money-making market. So, are you interested in starting a full-time business or starting a side hustle? Well, before you leap forward, there are a few details that you need to know. In this blog, we have covered a few points. Read on!

Find Your Niche

The online toy market has been gaining momentum. You would often see the owners of online shops selling a wide variety of kids’ toys and different items for different hobbies. People can buy both new and used products from them. The categories cover video games, action figures, board games, hobby kits, traditional toys, and Lego. If you are interested in high-end, cool, or vintage old-school commodities toys, toys can prove to be your niche market.

Do a Research on the Wholesalers

When you slowly start learning how to sell toys through your online store, you will find out that the game will change for you if you buy in large quantities and store inventory. If you buy the products at their shelf prices, the cut of the sale will be quite small for you. This is the reason why you should always seek out a wholesaler who knows the ins and outs of toys and other kids’ products. When you start selling toys from your online store, you will gradually come to know how to make a significant profit and, in the process, maximize your gains.

If you buy in bulk, the prices will automatically come down. If you have any issues with product shortages, those will be solved as well. Try to build a long-term collaboration with a wholesaler. That will certainly reap dividends in the future. As a great supplier, your aim should be to have a collection of unique toys and kids’ products that will catch the imagination of the buyers.

Create an Online Toy Store

If you want to run your online store in the best way possible, having a website is necessary. This will help in the branding process. You can try out Shopify, an excellent website builder. They have an amazing ensemble of website templates that not only look professional but have a variety of features.

Thus it makes it easy for you to create an attractive online store. Shopify boasts of image slideshows, high-quality SEO tools, several languages, and currency options, as well as social media icons. Shopify is integrated with popular social media networking site Instagram.


If you give discounts on your merchandise, you will gain a loyal customer base. Check out social media and Google to find out how your competitors are arranging rewards for their customers. What kind of offers are they dishing out on their collection? Find out.

You need to adopt a strategy that would work for you. The more you include promotions and discounts, the better your sales figures will be. Utilize social media to reach out to your customers. You need to motivate them to buy toys for you, and for that, you need to incorporate exciting offers for them. Engage more and more people.


Without marketing, no business can run. How to begin? When your customers order toys from you, get their names and email addresses. Grow your contact list gradually. Send them contents that are appropriate for them and are suitable for their demography. This way, you can engage them more.

Aim to build an informal relationship with your customers to inform them about the latest offers becomes easy. You can use the marketing tools like SEO or Search Engine Optimization, social media, PR, or pay-per-click advertisements. Opening a profile in your store’s name on social media will encourage the customers to write reviews of your products.

You can also consider selling your products through Amazon. You can sell as many products as you want after you sign up for Amazon.

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