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What To Look For In A Boss While Job-Hunting!

You must have found yourself, at some point, searching through piles of job descriptions online in the hopes of finding the perfect job. It is easy to believe that if a job description matches you perfectly, you are probably going to be the best person for that. But the truth is, there might be a better way to go about job-hunting. If you are looking for a career that will bring you job satisfaction and that you will enjoy looking back and reflecting on, then you need to take a different approach – find a stellar boss!

Acts As A Mentor

There is a lot that goes into making a great boss, and it is more than just a person who knows the ins and outs of their business or who can delegate like nobody’s business. A great boss is also more than a decision-maker. What makes a great boss is when they also serve roles as a teacher and a mentor. This is a person who can identify your flaws and helps you see them for yourself, just as they identify your strengths and help you see those, too. A great boss has no qualms about placing their reputation on the line in order to recommend your work to others. Find that boss — the one who encourages you and helps you use the resources available to you to turn your best qualities into a desirable and sellable product or service. This helps you in so many ways to develop in all areas of your professional life, making you a better worker in any of your future pursuits.

Encourages Growth Career-wise

Companies are in search of people who can offer services that meet their immediate requirements.  But that doesn’t mean they will take the first person who comes along – they still look at the big picture and expect to invest in an employee who will grow and be loyal to the company. They are looking for a relationship that is going to last 5, 10, or even 20 years and not just 1 or 2. This is why companies are interested in your plans and your career goals. The boss who is interested in you and your goals and fitting them into the goals of the company is the boss you are looking for. By having this kind of boss, you can find the growth and professional development you are searching for all in one place.

Shows Empathy and Kindness

A great boss is one who also seeks input from all – not just a select few. He or she values the opinions of everybody and takes all thoughts into consideration. He serves as an inspiration. It’s important to look for a boss who is approachable, open, and kind. The ones who share a considerable amount of personal information is also a boss who is empathetic, and this is the kind that will seem most appealing.

Promotes Healthy Company Culture

Ultimately, your job description is temporary, but working for a great boss will help you grow personally as well as in your career. It can be possible to see all of it happen in one comfortable environment. So when you are considering your next job, don’t hunt based on descriptions – hunt based on the boss. Read employee reviews on the company and get a feel for the work culture of the company you are interested in. When you are comfortable, motivated, and valued in the workplace, you will go far. This is everything that a good boss can offer you because they are the people who create the culture of a company. You can’t expect to grow in a company run by a person who is toxic and mean. No matter how much you like the job, being surrounded with that kind of company culture will do more bad than good, not only in your professional life but also your mental well-being.

Don’t look for the boss who wants loyalty from you but won’t offer you loyalty in return. Do your research and see if a particular company and their boss fits your goals in your career. A valued employee is a better performing employee. When you land that job you have searched so much for, it will be time to investigate further and find out what your great boss expects from you and to establish some ground rules to get things moving freely and effectively. But that is another discussion for another day!

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