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Should You Hire The Long-Term Unemployed?

It is normal for organizations to hire someone who has a job already and wait for them to join the organization. However, most organizations are reluctant to hire someone who has been without a job for a while. This is because of the general perception that there must be a reason why a person does not have a job. Sadly, in most cases, recruiters do not even try to find the reason for this gap.

While a few organizations were fine with hiring people without a job when the economy is booming, the same might not be true in today’s times. According to a United States Department of Labor report, over 14 million Americans are without a job. And over the past six months, around six million people are without jobs. Despite these alarming numbers, studies show that organizations are unwilling to recruit people who have been jobless for a substantial period. However, this situation might soon change because a new law prohibiting employers from discriminating against people because they are jobless could invite legal action. Here is why this new act makes sense.

There Are Some Hidden Gems

While some companies might have handed over a pink slip to some employees for sub-par performance, you might find a few hidden gems among these people. Several recruiting agencies have revealed this. Recent research to appoint a manager to supervise a building construction, found that the best among every applicant had been jobless for around three years.

The company found his skills impressive. They came up with a new position to employ him and gave him numerous responsibilities. They found that, despite his three years of unemployment, he had extensive experience in high-rise constructions. He later turned out to be an asset. Additional research evidence found that, his bad performance wasn’t the reason for him losing the job. And lack of skills was not the reason he was jobless for a long time.

Need A Change

There is one effective way for an employer to check whether a candidate is interested in working for the company or needs a paycheck. They need to find out what the candidate was up to during the downtime phase. Have they been just sitting back at home or completing certain certifications to keep themselves updated with the industry and accentuate their skills?

An individual who does so is thirsty for improvement and is eager to prove themselves on the ground. Employees, are losing their job and are looking for a change. And therefore, they are willing to relocate to a different country. It is some adventure for them and, more importantly, a life-changing experience. They are happy about a change.

Talented And Flexible

Skilled candidates have embraced the time they have got being outside the labor pool for a certain period. They have grown in experience and have made themselves capable of facing the challenges. They have turned themselves flexible to encounter any setback. These people know how to handle unemployment and have no fear as such. These candidates are always willing to try and will not stop before they can prove their worth.

They are in the habit of relentlessly attending interviews and know how to put their expertise and talent forward. Most importantly, they are not willing to let go of any opportunity. Therefore, they are the ones who would give the best effort. There are instances where people without a resume found a job, and they have proved to be great value addition. The bottom line is employers should hire the best person for a job.

What Should An Employer Focus On?

Employers have to go through a sea of resumes and job applications when hiring for a position in their company. While doing so, they must always focus on an applicant’s skill sets, abilities, and knowledge more than the period of unemployment.

They should not assume that they wouldn’t be the right fit for the job because someone seems overqualified. During interviews, employers should always let the candidate explain the gap in their resume. And if you are unsure if the person deserves a chance, bring them on board temporarily to check whether they are fit or not. You can make them permanent employees if you think their potential and passion match your organization.

Companies are skeptical about hiring someone without a job. However, they do not realize that they could be missing out on someone who could be a perfect hire.

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