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You Wouldn’t Believe Where These A-List Celebrities Shop!

Even Hollywood stars can’t resist a good bargain! Yes, they do spend their dollars on Luis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana, but that doesn’t stop them from finding a good deal at Marshall’s or T. J Maxx. Whether it is the old generation or the new, Hollywood has its own fair share of stars who would take the pains of being like a commoner and search through racks of clothes to find the perfect size, fit, and brand and not spend thousands on it. Here are some of your favorite stars who shop just like you and take pride in finding the best bargain!

Diana Ross

The eminent singer Diana Ross has been entertaining us for years. And now we love her even more, knowing she shops at Marshall’s! She even wears her fanny pack around there. How do we know? Well, she pretty much let the whole world know that she goes to Marshall’s when she tweeted once about how she lost her bag there and someone returned it to her later. Despite having a net worth in millions, Ross loves being at Marshall’s, making her much more relatable! We’d love to see what she buys from there so we could also get our hands on them.

Anne Hathaway

The beautiful star who stole our heart since her Princess Diaries days is in the news once again. She is having a baby yet again, and we are truly happy and excited for her. However, we are probably more excited to learn that Hathaway shops in flea markets. In fact, she recently appeared in a dark floral vintage dress that her stylist bought from a flea market for as little as $15. The actress is sold on the idea of eco-friendly fashion and hence she is all for reusing and recycling stuff! Next time you wear something from the flea market, be proud to tell everyone about it and mention Anne Hathaway, too!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Yes, apparently the iconic fashionista honed her personal style as she rummaged through the racks at thrift stores. Finding things at a low budget that will complement each other was not easy, but she managed to do it. And today, she is one of the leading ladies when it comes to fashion in Hollywood. She also gave credit to her mother and said she was one of the greatest influences in her life.

Shailene Woodley

Shailene is much like the character she played in Big Little LiesShe is all for comfortable clothes and loves a baggy pair from the thrift stores. Second-hand stores work perfectly for her. That doesn’t mean she looks any less gorgeous on the red carpet wearing high-end couture garments. She rocks both kinds with equal elegance and grace.  But when she is not working, used clothes are her go-to thing!

Eva Mendes

The gorgeous actress Eva Mendes might have a cabinet full of high-end anti-aging products to keep her looking young, but when it comes clothes, she’s just like the rest of us. Turns out, the stunner is another fan of good bargains. Well, aren’t we glad we belong to the same club? Did you know that she went to her first movie premiere wearing a $6 dress from Goodwill? Several celebs have often talked about finding one of a kind pieces from thrift stores or flea markets. Hence, we do understand their interest in exploring these places for a nice outfit. Eva champions cheap dresses and says that she feels like an archaeologist when she goes shopping at thrift stores. “I can feel when there’s a little something, you know, where there’s gold in the hills, and I really zero in. That’s the fun part for me.”

Several other stars have often spoken about their love for thrift stores. We are glad they speak about their love since that makes it easier for us to admit our own love to others. There is nothing wrong with spending less on clothes. Especially in a world where we are suffering from too much waste, buying less and recycling clothes is a much-needed act of the hour. Our favorite celebrities are showing us the right way and if we emulate them in every other way, we should do the same here.

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