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The Vacation Destinations of the Mega-Wealthy

For the rich, travel is more than just seeing places. This includes celebrities, multimillionaires, multibillionaires, and lottery winners. The rich like to own their little piece of paradise, not just go to see the place. They also often own the jets that transport them there, too. Forbes defines that the truly wealthy are anyone who sports a net worth exceeding $500 million. Worldwide, there are approximately 5,625 rich families that fall into this category. These folks are the most likely to experience some or all of the luxury travel destinations we are to mention in this shortlist of the super-rich’s favorite destinations.

The Favorite Hideout – Marina di Portofino, Italy

This village tucked away in Italy was once a quaint fishing village, only a few know. However, it has now become an exclusive retreat for celebrities or billionaires. This destination is exclusive to the point that it only has a single entry road and a single exit. There are also only parking spots for luxury yachts, not for automobiles. Many wealthy people frequent the village, including the A-listers like Andrey Melnichenko, Steven Spielberg, and Rihanna.

The Favorite European Leisure Home – Cote d’Azur, France

Cote d’Azur is a French Mediterranean town that happens to be a popular second home for the rich, like multibillionaires hailing from the Middle East and Russia. The average value of the real estate in this area is about $28.5 million for a regular five-bedroom property. The town is close to Monaco and Nice. The weather is pleasant, boasting fabulous year-round sunny skies and comfortably warm waters. This is one of the reasons that this town has earned its status as one of the top spots among luxury property purchases in recent years.

The Favorite Caribbean Leisure Home – St. Barthélemy

While most leisure homes that are on the destination list of the wealthy are in Europe, the one very popular favorite that lies outside of Europe is St. Barthélemy in the Caribbean. Among the landowners on this volcanic island, the majority are British. Colloquially named St. Bart, this volcanic island is a leisure home to stars like Jay-Z and the Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich. What could be more attractive a piece of land to own than one on a volcanic island completely encircled by shallow reefs? The appeal of the secluded destination is obvious. This island has a generally arid climate. And the cuisine is mostly French, West Indian, Creole, Asian and Italian.

The Favorite Asian Leisure Home – Maldives

In Asia, a lot of finances are in the Maldives. The Maldives is a tiny island country that is a much-preferred destination for the rich to buy their vacation homes. This Maldives island is remote, and you would have to travel to the destination by private jet or plane, or even by yacht since there are no commercial flights that go out there. The Maldives is composed of 1192 coral islands, and lies about 700km from Sri Lanka and India. The Maldives only has 515,696 inhabitants, which is the smallest Asian country by population.

The Favorite Clubbing Destination – Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is the top destination for the wealthy who are seeking luxury clubs to spend their time and money in. The numerous nightclubs are undoubtedly the most luxurious across the globe, all situated in Ibiza, including the club Space, Privilege, and Club Pacha, the world’s best club, biggest club, and an industry institution respectively. However, Ibiza itself is a magnificent destination that offers a hundred miles of exquisite coastline as well as countless private beach coves for the mega-wealthy to enjoy.

So the question is if you had millions to your name, which of these destinations would appeal the most to you? Of course, many rich folk own getaways in each of these areas, giving them the option to travel wherever they so choose when the time comes for a vacation. The rest of us regular folk simply have to settle for our definition of luxury. As we will only get to visit the regular travel destinations that are common and most popular. However, it offers only a cookie-cutter type of experience! Well, hey, it’s more than many get to experience anyway! Because vacations are fun no matter what size or budget they come in. What matters the most is the time we get to unwind and spend with our loved ones!

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