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These Are the Small Towns Where Most Millionaires Prefer to Live

It goes without saying that most millionaires in America choose to reside in and around big cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. But that does not mean that millionaires mostly prefer to live in big cities only, Let’s check out some of the small towns that drive big wealth. Not just wealth but these towns bost of millionaires.

Well, the surprising thing is that not very many people live in these towns, but some towns boast of as many as 7.2% concentration of millionaires.

Laconia, New Hampshire

Laconia in New Hampshire boasts 1,840 millionaire households. The concentration of millionaires veers towards a percentage of 7.2%. Of course, it helps that Laconia is really pretty as it is just beside a lake.

It is sandwiched between two Lakes, Winnisquam and Lake Winnipesaukee, and together make for a resplendent lake region. From here, you can visit the verdant white Mountain National Forest located 30 miles to the north.

A tax-friendly place just earns it extra brownie points. We can quite understand why the hotshot millionaires are choosing it as the perfect place to reside in.

 Hudson, New York


There are about 1810 millionaire households in Hudson in New York. Median household value stands at $63,032 (U.S.: $61,937).
The Hudson, New York, is regarded as a fancy hidey-hole for the millionaires. Of course, the rich and sometimes the famous choose rolling hills, lush lands, and a green landscape to live in. It offers many a fancy restaurant to art galleries a vibrant nightlife. However, what drives the millionaires to this picturesque town is the art and architecture, particularly antiques. It also has a number of amazing historic places where people love to flock to.

Claremont-Lebanon, New Hampshire/Vermont

The town has a millionaire household of 6,675 to a total household of 90,652. The concentration of millionaires is around, 7.3%. It boasts of a
Claremont-Lebanon’s tiny area abuts Laconia where the upscale urban population likes to reside in. It is located just at the fringes of the Connecticut River around Vermont. and closer to Dartmouth College, one of the smallest yet most recognizable Ivy League colleges. Hanover also boasts of a combination of art, culture, and sporting attractions (outdoors) that keeps the town’s residents happy and active. It also has an expansive 20-acre ski area which has three ski trails, a ski lodge, and more. This is one of the rare towns that have a perfectly maintained ski area that is easily accessible to everyone.

 Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Although the total households count as 9,552 the millionaire households come down to 818. It is one of the best ski towns in the world. It offers all kinds of fun activities that millionaires or non-millionaires can truly enjoy. Of course, the nearby Yampa River offers a number of water activities such as fishing, tubing, rafting, and/or kayaking. OIf course you can always pander to your golfer instincts and enjoy the 18-hole golf courses. with more and more millionaires choosing Steamboat Springs as the place to reside increasing the property prices. its median income is more than the national income of the USA.

Faribault-Northfield, Minnesota

From the total households that amount to 23,358, the millionaire households reach 1,766. The millionaire concentration in this place turns out to be 7.5%. This millionaire’s favorite place also turns out to be the perfect place to retire. The Cannon river that flows through the town offers many activities such as fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. Fitness enthusiasts have a field day as they can try things like cross-country skiing. If you don’t much like the cold you can try the YMCA Community Center. It helps that it has several health centers and reputable hospitals in the vicinity such as Northfield Hospital & Clinics, and the Mayo Clinic. Although, not essentially a tax-friendly place it has all other benefits that will entice the millionaires to reside in.

Well, millionaires prefer to live in towns that are far from the madding crowd yet offer all the facilities that a city may provide. No wonder more and more people are choosing these pretty laidback towns to spend their money on and use the money effectively. Do you reside in any of the frowns listed here, tell us why you think that these towns are attracting people with deep pockets and creating quite a buzz around them for more reasons than one.

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