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Her Parents Came to America with only $100 in Their Possession, and Now She is an Owner of a Startup

Mark Cuban shared his views in a podcast and said that believing in the American dream and achieving it is not always easy, but you could be anywhere in the country, start a business, make it a company and potentially make it to the carpet and crack a deal. It’s as simple as it is.  That is the basic reason he does the podcast, and this is what drives him to invest money.

In a recent podcast, Cuban invited Krystal Persaud, who is a founder of a solar charger company named Grouphug, and asked her to share her story. Persaud shared her story in the following words

The introduction

she said that she is the first-generation American as her parents emigrated to U.S.A with only $100 in their possession. Her three sisters work in the medical field and as designers too. But she chose entrepreneurship to prove to her parents that she can run a business. Cuban rolled over in his chair and invested himself in her story.


She further added that she has an experience of over 7 years in the field of consumer electronics. While initially starting as an intern at a tech company in New York, she left the company when she was the senior director of product design.

She giggled while saying that although she is not an engineer, but let’s say that she is a creative technologist. She always desired to be her own boss. Although she was an epitome of success while designing toys, she wanted to be part of a solution.

Finally, she quit the job and started designing solar panels as toys. She wanted to design a solar panel that one could easily hang in their room without looking ugly. She succeeded at it and started looking for investment.

The business idea

Although she sold some of the panels initially, no one was ready to invest in her business because they thought it was pretty early for that kind of investment. Investors said that they didn’t get any review on the product and are not really into the startups.

Some people even liked the idea, but hated the product and said that she still needs to make some improvements in the product. She finally landed a deal with Cuban, who viewed the product as it could be placed in blank spots by companies that need these solar panels to showcase their ads and products. Persaud, at the end of the podcast, exclaimed with joy and said that she is the living proof of the American Dream.

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