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Jennifer Anniston’s Top Luxurious Items that Screams Out Luxury and More Luxury

Jennifer Aniston is our favorite!  Well, we have been fangirling over her, right from her F.R.I.E.N.D.S days! Not only do we like her personality but her impeccable fashion sense too! You may have currently seen her since her in Season 2 of Apple TV’s The Morning Show. Well, her latest screen outings have shown us once again! How she can look stunning in any of her avatars, sharp suits, or flirty florals and floor us with her impeccable acting skills!

Well, Jennifer Aniston’s net worth is around $240 million. She makes most of her money through her many endorsement deals, and it was no surprise that she became the richest female celebrity in 2017. She joined the league of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Madonna. Her star aura can be gauged because 15 years after the series finale, the show continues to rake in millions.

We also drool over her luxurious lifestyle. She has ostentatiously luxe items that are gorgeous to boot,  one that will make your jaw drop right on the floor! Well, if you want to know more about the unbelievably luxurious things, in the Rumor has it actor’s home, here take a peek.

The Beverly Hills Estate

Jennifer Aniston’s once shared this Beverly Hills Mansion in L. A with Brad Pitt, and it is said to be the last name on luxury!  The house costs a whopping $13.1 million. The estate has four spacious rooms covering 12,000 square feet.

However, she has recently put up the house for sale, and whoever will want to buy it will set him/her back by $ 56 million! Her house boasts of the ultimate luxury stuff, such as the Abstract Expressionist paintings, terraces, silk rugs, pocket gardens, and a large inviting pool.

Bling On Her Wrist

There’s one piece of the shiny gold watch on her wrist that can put to shame any other ostentatious accessory! We are talking about the shiny, blingy Rolex, the $34,000 Rolex Day-Date Goldwatch, the cost of which may be the sum of all the golden statue awards in her home, even more,

The Love For Cars

Well, like most of her friends in Hollywood, she may not boast of a huge car collection, but most of her cars are as expensive and classy as her beloved Bentley. Well, Bentley’s will set you back by $200,000-3,00,000, and if you want to buy a new one, it will cost you double the amount. You will often see her driving around town in her luxurious Bentley. She also has a big black Range Rover.

We don’t know how much she spent on the car, but Range Rovers usually cost $ 88,860! She has a pretty little environmental-friendly Toyota Prius too. The cost of a Toyota Prius usually measures up to $23,475. Well, we are glad to know she has such an eclectic car collection at her home. Her car collection is praise-worthy.

The New York City Apartment

Jennifer Aniston’s New York pad deserves a dekko. The 50-year-old actor has a luxurious apartment at Gramercy Park in the city of New York. The apartment costs around 8.7 million and spreads over an area of 2,873! Besides that, she owns properties at Bird Street in Hollywood Hills and two homes in Bel-air.

The Drool-Worthy Designer Furniture

Imagine owning the French designer Jean Royère‘s furniture! It is a dream come true for most people. Well, Jenny owns a Jennifer Jean Royere sofa, which costs set her back by $754,000. Well, it is not about this sofa only. Jennifer owns custom furniture from hotshot designers all across the world! She has an enviable collection of the choicest furniture.

Each of her luxurious items speaks of her refined taste and classy choices, right from her home, to cars, to her gorgeous wardrobe to her choice of furniture, everything about her is on-trend and chic, all this without trying too hard! Simplicity and taste are the two words that can help describe Jennifer’s style and her choices.

She always sticks to timeless classics and knows exactly what she wants. We heart her uber confidence and her luxurious style. And can only hope that she continues to enjoy great success in the years ahead. With that, we are sure her fortunes will skyrocket too!

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