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These Are the Insanely Rich Things that Scarlet Johansson Splurges on!

Scarlett Johansson is one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. She calls the shots on the screen and out of it with her trademark chutzpah.

She’s beautiful, talented, and popular. It is no wonder she is a household name. Scarlett is one of the highest-paid actresses globally, and with all that money she earns, she likes to live a luxurious life.

Yes, she likes to splurge on the finer things in life with her Hollywood paychecks. Well, here are some things that keep her in the lap of luxury all year round.

Flying Around Visting Exciting Locations

As per reports, Scarlett Johansson’s net worth is somewhere around $100 million. Well, Scarlett works hard for every penny she earns. She has been a big part of many great movies during her career, including Her, Lost In Translation, The Avengers, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Iron Man, and so many more.

Paparazzi often spot Scarlett partying at exotic locations around Mokai in Miami, Pure in Las Vegas, and the Tillman Jazz Lounge in London. Scarlett likes to move around the world in her plush jet, flying off to undisclosed locations.

She often spends her time in Paris shopping sprees. And you may often spot her frolicking in the sun in Cabos San Lucas. Like other A-listers, Scarlett often likes to fly away to the south of the border for her luxurious vacations. Cabo is one of the most popular beach playgrounds for Hollywood stars, and it features in Scarlett’s list of favorites.

Her Plush Los Angeles Home

Living in Los Angeles isn’t easy, especially when you have to spend a bomb on your apartment. However, it is all easy-peasy for Scarlett, who got the plushest pad ever.

It is easily commutable to the movie studios and can give a great panoramic view of the Hollywood Hills. As per reports, Scarlett spent $4 million on a fancy home in the wonderful Los Angeles neighborhood called Los Feliz. The construction of this property dates back to the 1940s. The one-acre house boasts four-bedroom and four full and two half bathrooms.

It also has a step-down living room and a marble fireplace to drive away from the winter blues, lending her house a vintage vibe. Her kitchen features a center island with marble-and-quartz countertops and a balcony that gives a sneak peek of the Hollywood sign.

Her Hamptons Retreat

A big star like Scarlett Johansson cannot have just one home for herself, can she? Scarlett knows how to put her money to good use. She, yes, believes in investing in real estate! This stunning A-lister bought a home in the Hamptons way back in 2014. With two homes on two different coasts, life cannot be any better, can it? She bought the house worth $2.2 million, sitting on a 1.4-acre mansion and spread.

As per Hollywood reporters, the four-bedroom home has an open floor plan space including decks that leads to the living space outside. It has a master suite featuring its spacious private balcony and fireplace. Additionally, there are three additional guest rooms with their very own private balcony. We think it is the perfect place to host summertime parties.

She Spends a Lot of Money on Beauty Products

Scarlett Johansson’s skin is flawless, period. One can hardly ever spot her with a blemish or two on her skin. No wonder she was once the face of Dolce and Gabbana makeup. Her flawless skin is one of the reasons she often stars in many ad campaigns.

It would help if you indeed had a village look your flawless best at various events and always be red-carpet-ready. She spends a lot of her money on luxurious products that make her look gorgeous 24*7.

She Likes to Spend on Charities too.

Scarlett Johansson also has a charitable side to her. She believes in giving back whenever she can. As per reports, Scarlett is a part of many charity organizations such as Feeding America, Aid Still Required, Not On Our Watch, the American Humane Society, Cancer Research UK, and so many more.

She has also been an ambassador for Oxfam for as many as eight years. She often asserts that if there is a spotlight on her, she would like to direct the spotlight onto better causes, and that is certainly the right example to put forward.

Well, Scarlet is one of a kind start and likes to live life on her terms! And why not? She completely deserves to.

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