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This Influencer From Singapore Has The Ultimate Closet Goals

Jamie Chua is a well-known name in Singapore. She is an established fashion influencer, businesswoman and a socialite too. But of late, she has been in news for a completely different reason. She happens to own one of the most expensive wardrobes in the world that also holds the most expensive bag in the whole world! Her closet might remind you of Princess Mia’s from Princess Diaries 2. Her successful business ventures like her skincare line, a luxury goods resale business, and two Manolo Blahnik boutiques in Singapore, has given her enough money to have a closet fit for royals. It did help to have a billionaire husband though, unfortunately, she got divorced from her husband Nurdian Cuaca in 2010. Here are a few facts about her closet!

A 700 Sq Ft Space

When many people across the globe live in a 700 sq ft. apartment or sometimes even smaller, Chua happens to have a closet as big as that.  Since her closet has a huge collection of highly expensive things, it is fingerprint protected. Fair enough! After all, you don’t get closets full of bags and sneakers that are covered in diamonds, every day! The Bonkers Closet did an episode on her wardrobe and the world got to see more of her collection. No wonder, people love knowing what the celebs buy, for the video has a staggering 20 million view.

The Largest Collection Of Hermes Bags Includes The Most Expensive One

The largest collection of Hermes bags is in Chua’s closet. She has 200 of those that cost anything between $8000 to $300,000. Her bags are all stored in transparent racks built along the wall. She happens to own a Himalayan Birkin Bag which is made of Nilo Crocodile leather and the name Birkin is encrusted with 245 diamonds. It is known that Hermes makes only two of those every year since it is so expensive. Her collection also includes a very small Hermes bag, which cannot even hold a credit card and is almost “useless” as touted by Chua. Ah, maybe she can donate it for charity then!

300 Pairs Of Shoes

Not only does she own 300 pair of shoes, but the total cost of those shoes comes to about $450,000. This means each pair costs about $1500 in an average. However, her sneakers are her go-to shoes for everyday wear. The show stopper among her shoe collection has to be her $3495 worth spiked heels from Christian Louboutin!

Closet As An Art Gallery

Dressing up is an art of course! Chua considers dressing nicely important as it shows her courtesy toward the person she is meeting. Hence, her closet looks like an art gallery. There is a difference though. Under each showcase there is a handle, when you pull it, an entire wardrobe of dresses will come out. Price is definitely not an issue if she likes something. For example, a glittery Chanel dress that costs over $8000 was available in multiple colors and Chua bought them all.

Jamie Chua is a true princess and her closet can put to shame many A-list celebrities to shame is all we can say.


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