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Here’s How You Can Tell Apart A Real Sugar Daddy And A Scammer

Whether you’re a man or a woman, we know how vital it becomes to earn that extra cash and feel needed – especially in a society where love is scarce! Being a sugar baby or daddy in these cases proves useful. For starters, a sugar daddy is a mature and generous man who usually takes an interest in a ravishing, young woman and together they decide to spend quality time together. Now it might set in worries about how safe this perfect arrangement is. To put it honestly, as long as mutual trust and acceptance are there, it shouldn’t bother anyone. However, scammers are on the rise. So you should conduct a complete search about the potential sugar provider (thanks to the virtual world making things difficult!).

Who Are Sugar Daddies?

Now that a growing number of ultra-rich sugar daddies and babies have popped up, it’s interesting to learn a little more about them. Sugar daddies are usually businesspersons who keep busy for the most part with their work and refrain from indulging in boring, conventional dating practices. They love splurging on younger, cute women who they call girlfriends or mistresses. Let’s add here – they can have boyfriends too!

On the other hand, sugar babies are mostly attractive women who fall for the luxurious lifestyles gifted by these wealthy folks. They aren’t intimidated trying this new culture, wherein a financial agreement is settled upon between the couple, in addition to boundaries. So there can be the usual dating, traveling and all such activities that couples tend to engage in, or something more than these.

In a vast majority of cases, sugar babies settle down for monthly allowances, while few can get expenses in the form of frequent shopping sprees or high-end holidays or simply paying their college or university fees (since they mostly belong to this age group).

Casual Girlfriends And Sugar Babies – Are They Same?

Not really! A casual girlfriend is a female companion who chooses carnal relationships as priorities and lookouts and not merely visits, travel experiences, or simple date nights. The primary difference is that a sugar daddy and baby relationship is a pre-set regular arrangement. Female companions can be hired for a night, or a one-off for a big event or even for weekends, but sugar babies would love to meet their daddies few times in a month, in need of money or just to spend time with each other.

How To Differentiate Between Real Daddies And Scammers?

While there are many ways to detect differences, you can check each of these pointers to prevent falling into an ugly, dirty trap.

The first indication is the profile. Check for the internet profiles and match to see if there have been previous scams under that name. Also, some profiles are fake and you can detect them well. While real sugar daddies exude a positive vibe, their profiles are replete with pictures of themselves and their humdrum daily lives. They aren’t afraid to show their real selves to the world, but without advertising themselves as sugar daddies’. Scammers, on the other hand, choose to keep their identities hidden but focus on the money part. Sometimes they put up in their profiles they’re looking for sugar babies, but women (and men) need to see from a larger perspective. Beware when you spot something too good to be true!

Another indication is that real daddies believe in genuine conversations. They might not ask for bank details, monetary aspects, or even personal interests right away, but take an active interest in getting to know the babies well, arrange for quick meets, get together, and so on. The feeling factor will stem in eventually, and you can see how they would be interacting over a long span of time.

Sadly, scammers don’t seem human! They appear like the typical weird telemarketers who will do anything to get your trust. Besides, they don’t seem professional. Even before knowing the name of the baby, scammers look for ways to arrange the money and make it really fast. Mostly they choose third-party apps as payment methods like PayPal, CashApp, Zelle, and more, since these guarantee anonymity.

In the end, it’s all about keeping your senses agile. That way, you would be a step ahead.

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