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Female Entrepreneurs From Asia Who Have Stunned The World With Their Enormous Net Worth

An increasing number of successful female entrepreneurs from Asia are changing the global business landscape. Traditionally, women entrepreneurs from Asia could mostly be found in small and mid-size enterprises, engaging in low income-generating activities. In many cases, these women had to overcome many obstacles at family, community, and corporate levels to finally choose their entrepreneurial paths. But the overall scenario has changed over the past few years.

Some female entrepreneurs from Asia started their journey long back, for example, in the sixties or seventies of the last century. However, a vast majority of those successful entrepreneurs are much younger than their predecessors. Luo Qianqian Chrissy is a young entrepreneur who has joined forces with her husband to grow their online gaming business. There are more on the list.

Peng Lei – $1.14 Billion – Alibaba Group

Being one of the biggest organizations hailing from China, Alibaba has made billions and continues to do so. Jack Ma is the brain behind Alibaba, but Peng Lei is the graceful lady who happens to be the co-founder alongside Jack Ma. Being a hugely successful e-commerce services provider, Lei took her bank balance up to $1.14 billion. She is self-made and can boast of being on the list of 21 successful billionaires from China. She might have amassed a hefty fortune for herself, but her contemporaries vouch for her humble attitude and down-to-earth nature.

Luo Tianqiao Chrissy – $3.5 Billion – Shanda Group

You always seem to be engrossed in online games all the time. But have you ever spared a thought or even considered knowing the names of those who are entertaining you? Luo Tianqiao Chrissy is the woman who is has taken Shanda Group to maximum heights and has cashed in billions.

And this is all thanks to popular video games released by the company, including the likes of The World of Legend AION and Shanda Rich Man. The list can go on. Being humble, sober, down-to-earth, and kind, Luo has created an employee-friendly environment for everyone, and the employees of Shanda can vouch for it. This kind of ambiance is always stress-free and goes without saying, highly productive.

Chen Xiaoying – $1.61 Billion – STO Express

Shentong Express or STO Express is a famous courier services provider in China. Chen Xiaoying established the company with her sibling Chen Dejun, and this endeavor has surely amassed billions of currency in their bank account. Xiaoying possesses an estimated net worth coming to $1.61 billion. Despite facing stiff competition from the market, STO still provides one of the best services – from transporting items like jewelry, devices, and cosmetics – you name it, they have it. She is self-made and boasts of a billion-dollar bank balance.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw – $3.6 Billion – Biocon Limited

The rise of Biocon Limited, the biotechnology company, can be attributed to Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. Apart from being the Chairperson and Managing Director of Biocon, she also functions as the Chairperson of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. She has contributed largely towards science, especially Chemistry, that enabled her to receive the Othmer Gold Medal. According to various sources, Kiran’s wealth is around $3.6 Billion.

Wu Yan – $1.9 Billion – Hakim Group

China can boast of a bunch of billionaire businessmen and businesswomen, as well. Wu Yan is not just a name in the long list of eminent businesswomen hailing from China, but also is the proud owner of Hakim Group, an information technology services company. She is active as a chairperson of the organization and is said to have a net worth of $1.9 Billion.

If Smart City solutions are the need of the hour, Hakim Group is perhaps the best provider. As a part of her philanthropic activities, she has donated a bulk of her wealth to hospitals, consisting of 200 ambulances, especially for the backward and downtrodden neighborhoods.

Follow the lives and works of these immensely successful women in business. You will find that they fought against many odds and wanted to disrupt the market and society as a whole if you want to grow your bank balance, just like these successful Asian women in business. All you need to do is start small and climb up the ladder with your hard work and innovation. You would be successful in your business ventures just like these amazing women.

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