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The Most Expensive Smartphones You Can Own Now!

All smartphone lovers are always on the lookout for the most popular and expensive phones flooding the market. Today what is popular and pricey can lose out to a new and more technologically advanced smartphone in the market. Currently, iPhones and Samsung smartphones are some of the most expensive phones in the market. However, other brands are trying to make their presence felt in the market. Let us find out which are the most expensive phones in the market, currently.

iPhone 3G Kings Button

With a price tag of $2.5 Million, the iPhone 3G Kings Button is one of the most expensive phones in the market, and why not? The Australian jeweler-designed smartphone is made of solid 18-carat yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. The phone’s body has a glittering design of 138 brilliant quality cut diamonds. The home button is made up of 6.6-carat diamond, making it one of the most attractive phones in the world.

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

The iPhone 3GS Supreme also jostles for primacy for one of the most expensive phones in the world. It has a price tag of $3.2 Million and was manufactured in Liverpool by an Australian businessman Stuart Hughes. Although it is slightly more expensive than the iPhone 3G kings, it is similar on many levels. The phone has hundred and thirty-six diamonds and seventy-one grams of twenty-two-karat gold. No wonder it took Hughes to complete ten months to manufacture this shining Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme.

 iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

This bejeweled sleek-looking phone has a price tag of $8 million. Stuart Hughes is the maker of the third most expensive phone in the world. It was made from rose gold and has 500 diamonds worth over 100ct. It is thus a must-buy for people who want to have a phone that makes them want to flaunt it with pride! This owner’s pride version of a phone has 53 diamonds on the rear side of the apple logo. It was expensive, and it is a limited edition phone with  32GB memory!

 iPhone 4s Elite Gold

When it comes to one of the most luxurious phones globally, don’t look beyond the iPhone 4s Elite Gold phone, which costs $9.4 million. It ranks high on the list of the most expensive phones in the world. Stuart Hughes is the maker of this one phone as well. He regards this phone as one of his most outstanding achievements.

iPhone 4s Elite Gold has rose gold adorning it with 500 individual flawless diamonds notching up to 100ct. All of that excess bling from the bling king himself still won’t get you to $9.4 million, so Stuart Hughes went on to create a solid platinum chest to keep it in. The chest sports consist of polished tyrannosaurus rex bone, star sunstone, opal, and other gems.

The rear section of this expensive phone has 24ct gold with a 24ct gold Apple logo and 53 diamonds. Yes, there are only two of them, so you need to hurry to lay your hands on them. It boasts 64GB memory and is a limited edition phone.

 Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

With a price tag of $48.5 Million, the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond holds the enviable position. Yes, it is one of the most expensive phones in the world in 2021. The US luxury brand FALCON manufactures it. The phone has an expensive flat look with the distinctive pink diamond adorning the back. The diamond takes the price of the phone a notch higher!

The iPhone 6 Pink Diamond model is a rare amalgamation of expensive metals such as platinum, 24-carat gold, and rose gold. Of course, the one with the pink diamond takes the cake for being one of the most expensive phones in the world. However, if you are ruing over the fact that the phone seems unattainable for most people, FALCON has a solution for you.

They have created a blue and an orange button, it costs around $42.5 million and $32.5 million, respectively. So, we could call it the more affordable range of phones for those hankering after it.

Ever since smartphones and other gadgets have become an integral part of our lives, luxury designers have been gearing to launch expensive and pricey versions of popular devices. These are perfect for the rich and famous. So, if it fits your budget, go ahead, grab yours!

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