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The Best Banks That Offer Ultimate Digital Banking Experience to Their Customers

Customer experience is going through a sea change in the financial services industry. Customers are not happy with what they have been getting along with and are now looking for something, bigger, and better. That may make banking a more personalized experience that includes a top-notch customer experience with real-time interactions, great customer service ready to ask all your questions. and customer support that may make banking at home a great experience.

There is a whopping 86% of customers are looking to make payments through various digital channels, also there are more and more people who want to carry out tasks like opening a bank account right from the comfort of their home. Here are banks that are making banking a no-longer avoid-it-like-all-you-can experience. It can now turn out to be an enjoyable experience.

Erica Chatbot

There have been around 10 million customers who have already interacted with Bank of America’s chatbot, Erica. After spending years developing this chatbot, it has now become the ultimate strategy on their part. Erica can carry out numerous roles, as a financial assistant, it can help customers suffering from common issues without any live operator. This can help in reducing personal costs and yet it takes away nothing from the entire customer experience.

Digital Transformations

Digital transformation has permanently changed the way banks function today. If you don’t upgrade you will lose out on valuable customers, a fact proved way back in 2015 as over 1,500 banks per year closed down. The digital revolution has also given rise to digital banks like Simple. Simple has included financial planning tools to help supplement customer expectations.

Simple includes financial planning tools that may enhance the customer experience to a great extent. Apart from not having any physical presence, Simple can offer many key changes such as accessing your bank sitting at different corners of the world. A local presence of a bank is no longer the single driving factor to select a bank. Most people may select a bank through word-of-mouth recommendations. Digital banking is now can provide a completely different end-to-end experience.

Zelle’s Personal Payments

Banking is certainly about securing money and starting investment procedures in a safe environment. Customers need ease of access to any kind of financial services. If they need their money, they may need it right now and without any hurdles. Zelle can come to your aid in this department. Zelle also helps you to share money with friends and family without any problems.

Zelle allows you to get access to the finances faster yet despite its major corporate backup, it feels, intimate, easy, and accessible. Sending money between various banking institutions has not been an easy affair till now. Zelle makes it possible with the help of digital technology as it allows its customers to provide ready access to finances and helps share money literally like the click of a button.

JP Morgan Cryptocurrency

JP Morgan has joined the digital banking revolution bandwagon as it is the first time that the bank has introduced cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency runs on blockchain technology. It uses a network of ledgers (decentralized) to keep track of the system, preventing bank frauds and interference of government in the mechanisms of the bank.

The JPM coin is one of the major coins from the banking institutions. Cryptocurrency has been in the running for some time but it is only recently that it has got validation from a banking institution of the stature of JP Morgan. It has been enhancing the customer experiences for broker-dealers and other corporations. Digital currency is the future and with JPM’s backing, it is all set to go mainstream.

Oak Ridge

Customer journeys are beyond the obvious and can help customers who deal with product issues. Big bank accounts understand the importance of building healthy customer relationships and continue to nurture them. A small bank like Bank of Oak Ride understands apart from offering regular financial services it also offers calculators for planning finances.

Express Branches

The number of bank branches in the US has been declining steadily. JP Morgan Chase has brought out a change with Everyday Express branches where customers seek help on financial matters with the help of the Digital Advice Bar. They can conduct simple services such as account opening from these bars. Of course, you could get help on more complicated things too.

Have you tried any of the services from these specialized banks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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