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Stevie Wonder’s Inspiring Success Story Will Bring You to Tears

Stevie Wonder’s life is nothing short of a miracle. He was a six-week premature baby who survived against all odds. In his 52nd weeks in an incubator, he lost his sight due after the doctors administered him excess oxygen. But while Wonder couldn’t see, he had a very special talent that none of his siblings possessed. At the age of nine, he was playing the piano, harmonica, and drums.

The was raised in a poor family, but their financial condition turned around when they relocated to Detroit. Ronnie White supported Wonder’s career when he introduced him to Brian Holland. Wonder later auditioned for Berry Gordy,  the President of Motown, after which his music career took off.

However, the road to Wonder’s success wasn’t smooth; there have been many bumps like a near-fatal accident that left the singer in a coma. The day he had the accident was when his wife gave birth to their son, making it a tragedy with a blessing. Wonder boasts a collection of 25 Grammy Awards and other prestigious accolades.

Wonder’s father almost destroyed his fame when he demanded that he return to the school for blind people. But Gordy saved the day by hiring a teacher to give him lessons during his tour. Wonder married twice and has nine kids, some of whom were from women outside the wedlock.

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