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Four Career Paths That Millennials Should DEFINITELY Avoid!

Careers come and go, just like fashion trends in the world of Prada and Versace, among others. However, unlike clothing, you can’t just throw away a career that you may have to spend thousands of dollars on a degree for. The degree that you choose will have huge impacts on which career path you’ll follow, and while your future path will be flexible, there’s no reason you should go for a degree that you won’t even be using. One of the biggest factors why some career paths are becoming less in demand or even obsolete is technology, which has brought the markets directly to consumers and cut out the middlemen. If your dream career happened to be one of these jobs that we’re about to discuss, you might want to reconsider because the demand for them is dying rapidly and might be non-existent in the upcoming years. It’s smarter to do some research right now instead of finding yourself in a dead-end job a few years down the road that could end at any given moment because the market has completely moved on.

Travel Agent

This job has been dying out slowly ever since people realized that they could book their own plane tickets online. Cutting out travel agencies only meant that people could save even more money when they flew somewhere, and this is not good news whatsoever for anyone aspiring to be a travel agent. There is some good news, however. If you’re really interested in the travel and tourism industry, you can still opt to be an expert in specific locations or travel types as this is needed now more than ever. Maybe you can also opt to being a licensed tour guide!


A few decades ago, bookkeeping was all the rage. Not many people knew how to go about it, and those who did, found the task extremely arduous and only a few people were ready to spend their lives doing it. Now, however, a simple online service can easily help businesses keep track of their finances without having to need an onsite bookkeeper. Artificial intelligence has made life easier for businesses and individuals in need of a bookkeeper as they only need to pay a fraction of they would otherwise. For millennials aiming at this profession, we can offer nothing but red flags because it looks like this job will disappear off of the face of the planet within a couple of decades.

Data Entry Clerk

This used to be the go-to job for people who weren’t too ambitious or didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives. Data entry is pretty boring, albeit an important task, which can be done by pretty much anyone who has the most basic education. Think of it as the fast-food level job of the corporate world. However, with systems being computerized all over the world and computer software getting smarter and easier to use, the need for data entry clerks is fast running out because most of their work is automated by computers these days. Data entry clerks are probably the hardest hit people out of all those whom technology has affected. Thousands of data entry clerks have already lost their jobs, and more are going to follow soon enough. If you had plans of going in this direction, you need to stop right away.

The good news is that there are still plenty of jobs out there with great prospects, so it’s not all over. Good luck!

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