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These Celebrities Did a Complete 180 & Look Totally Different After These Incredible Weight Loss Transformations!

Martha Stewart — Regular Exercise and Healthy Diet

Martha Stewart wears many hats — she’s a celebrity chef, a businesswoman, a writer, and a former model. She gained a solid global fanbase through shows like From Martha’s Home, The Martha Stewart Show, and Martha Bakes. She further solidified her career as a businesswoman when she founded Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia which carried most of her merchandise and other business ventures. Because of all her hard work, Stewart has an estimated net worth of $638 million!

Of course, with that amount of money, she could have easily sought after the best procedure to help her with weight loss and battle signs of aging. But she opted for a healthier and more natural path instead.

As she revealed, Stewart managed to shed off a few inches from her waist through regular exercise and diet. In fact, every morning, she never fails to drink a glass of green juice and whenever she’s in the kitchen, she only opts for organic veggies straight from her garden. She’s an absolute inspiration when it comes to healthy living!


Tiffani Thiessen – Strict Meal Plan

Saved by the Bell actress Tiffani Thiessen has lost an ample amount of weight since she gave birth to her daughter, Harper.

And unlike some crazy fashion model moms, Tiffani still looked like any other woman who just had their baby. However, she has already dropped 45 pounds since then.

According to Self Magazine, she was able to do it through the help of Julia Roberts’ celebrity trainer, Kathy Kaehler. Tiffani’s effective secret: preparing healthy dinners for the rest of the week ahead of time. Tiffani goes grocery shopping and does all her meal prep work for the week every Sunday evening.

Jessie Wallace – Cut Down Wheat From Diet Plan

If you watched the BBC soap opera EastEnders from 2000 through 2005, and from 2010 through 2016, you would surely know who Jessie Wallace is. The English actress, who landed the role of the cheeky Kat Slater in 2000, is still a regular on the show.

Before she made her onscreen presence felt and started tackling some of the toughest guys of primetime television, Jessie worked as a make-up artist too. Wallace has also made several guest appearances on TV, most notably in A Class Apart, a British TV drama.

Although fans were perfectly fine with her big onscreen image, Wallace decided to lose some extra pounds, and finally she was able to lose a good 40 pounds by just eliminating one food from her diet plan. You might wonder what was the food that Jessica cut down from her diet. Well, it was wheat. Effectively, she stopped eating pasta and bread and embraced a low-carb diet. A pretty effective method by the looks of it!

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