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This Is How Much Joker Can Make At The Box Office (Presumably)

Having premiered at the Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2019, and released across the United States on October 4, 2019, Joker has raked in another $18.9 million in North America and almost $47.8 million worldwide in the fourth weekend of its release. As per statistics, it’s 35% and 38% respectively. It’s probably the first time the drop is more significant overseas as compared to North America, and the gap can be presumed to be caused by Terminator: Dark Fate’s $12.8-million earnings throughout nine to ten territories worldwide before its launch across the world this week. Irrespective of that, Joker has accumulated $277.58 million at home while piling on $571.5 million globally.

Can It Cross The $1-Billion Mark?

It can be estimated that the film will get past Wolf Warrior 2 which has earned around $854 million as well as Venom with $856 million soon enough and eventually cross $900 million. However, the question that keeps bothering fans is that will Joker manage to cross the $1-billion mark? Would that be possible? Joker should add on an approximate $280 million at home by the time Tuesday night is over, and it’s being speculated that by then, it will surpass China’s Wolf Warrior 2 in the record books of all R-rated films to date. In a nutshell, Joker is well on its way to being the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever.

It’s Pitted  Against James Cameron’s Terminator: Dark Fate

This is, indeed, a huge achievement that can never be overlooked. This also signifies that this flick from DC Films will turn out to be the biggest release ever in the US in the months of August, September, and October. It is highly likely that it will lag behind It which is supposed to make around $327 domestically. Everything now depends on how Joker fares against James Cameron’s Terminator: Dark Fate which is slated to be released domestically on November 1, 2019. Analysts are guessing that the pitting between the two will be worth a watch. Meanwhile, Joker is expected to be raking in $315 million worldwide by next Sunday.

It Might Find Success On Chinese Soil, Too

$315 million is an astounding figure, and that particular number will help it get past other high-grossing flicks such as Batman vs Superman which accumulated $873 million and all Spider-Man movies except Spider-Man: Far From Home which grossed a whopping $1.126 billion. China is a huge market for Hollywood films, having pushed Joker ahead of the $1-billion mark by pumping $200 million into it. Though it is an R-rated film, the themes and its onscreen content are not that gory as it had been publicized before it hit the theatres. So theoretically, there shouldn’t have been a problem regarding its release in Chinese theatres.

But Can It Reach The Milestone?

Although it might find a way to earn big bucks in China, that’s only what experts from the industry are speculating as of this moment. In case it doesn’t find favor in China, would this movie — which was directed by Todd Phillips — become the very first R-rated flick to overcome the $1-billion mark globally? It is getting interesting. A decline in R-rated fares that have taken place in Hollywood for the past 20 years can probably ruin its chances. The record suggests that fantasy flicks or adventure blockbusters can score over any R-rated movie in today’s times. China is an expanding market, and films like 3-D Avatar did great business there. Spurred by that, the Hollywood film industry has incessantly attempted to cross the $1-billion mark. Avatar was the fifth movie to get past that benchmark, and if Joker accelerates at the last moment, it would be the 44th film to attain that goal.   

Terminator: Dark Fate’s global performance is bound to affect Joker’s overseas figures, and that’s a given. If you consider the last two Terminator films from the franchise, both had garnered $325 million each globally, with the exception of China. Hence, two factors must be counted in such a situation — one, performing better internationally than in North America is the only way to attain that $1 billion milestone. Secondly, the November competition is bound to take a toll on Joker’s prospects globally. We can only wait with bated breath as to how Joker will perform in the coming month. Let’s see where this psychological thriller is headed!

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