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Here’s What J.K Rowling Has Splurged On Since Growing Famous For the Harry Potter Franchise

J. K. Rowling is a woman who has things going for her. The British author is the creative mind behind the seven-book Harry Potter franchise, and the fantasy series is one of the most popular to hit the shelves of recent decades. Rowling has managed to sell over 500 million copies of the books, which have even been adapted to film. Rowling has gone from living off of welfare to living a life of luxury. Here are the wildest purchases made by the famous author!

The $19.2-Million yacht

J.K. Rowling purchased a luxury yacht from the famous Johnny Depp at one point. She put it up for sale with a hefty price tag of $19.2 million in the year 2017, though. Rowling is offering the yacht for rent at the price of $130K a week!

The yacht boasts three decks and sleeps ten in four bedrooms! Of course, there are many water activities on board, with snorkeling equipment, kayaks, and windsurfing kits on board. We bet Rowling and her family enjoyed this one!

The $2-Million House Next Door

J.K. Rowling owns a home in Edinburgh, and she was keen on a bigger garden. Of course, what else does a millionaire do but go ahead and splurge by buying the neighbor’s entire house! Rowling paid $2 million for the house next door, then demolished the house so she could build a huge tree garden. We can see where the inspiration for her writing comes from! Simply making room for the garden cost her 4400K. Naturally, the neighbors protested against it what with it blocking the view and all that, but Rowling won and went ahead with her wishes!

The High-End Jewelry

Rowling has made no secret of her love for glitz and glamorous jewelry! We’ve seen her walk the red carpet in some stylish outfits, always completed with a shiny piece of jewelry as a finishing touch. Rowling has worn bracelets, rings, and earrings form her favorite jeweler, Elizabeth Gage.

While the prices of the jewelry she has worn have not been declared to the public, the pieces in Gage’s collections are priced at about $16K per piece, so we expect that Rowling has spent a considerable sum of money on her jewelry collection! Women love gold and diamonds, don’t they!

Professional Personal Security

When you’re a famous writer, and your face is popular across the world, you may also consider paying for personal security just in case! Rowling often travels with her very own personal security team. This team’s job is to keep her safe from people who inevitably crowd around her in public places. This is also to prevent people from stalking her or breaking into her residence. Rowling also uses personal security when she attends red carpet events and if she needs help with an obsessive fan. It is estimated that Rowing spends about $150K on security! However, she does try only to use them when necessary.

Her $2.9-Million Edinburgh Home

Rowling once owned a great home in Edinburgh. She let it go in 2015, though, for a pricey $2.9 million. The house was magnificent, and Rowling moved in back in 2009. The home features two stories and has outhouses, gardens, and a large office. Of course, we have already spoken about the tree garden in residence too.

She wrote many of her books right here in this Edinburgh home, especially since as she grew more popular, she couldn’t write at the coffee shops anymore! Rowling let the lovely home go since she felt it wasn’t private enough for her once she grew famous. It sure is a pity that she had to leave behind that wonderful tree garden she built, especially for the home! Of course, the new owners are probably enjoying it now anyway, so it wasn’t a complete waste after all.

It is fair to say that J.K Rowling has lived a low-key lifestyle after her immense success, relative to her popularity. However, she has no doubt enjoyed some serious splurges! Of course, after all the time and effort she invested in crafting the Harry Potter series, she certainly deserves it all. No wonder she’s been a role model for so many people across the world. Rowling is an inspiration, and we cannot disagree with that!

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