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These Five Star Sport Sour Attitudes On Set!

We all have our favorite movie stars. And of course, we love to imagine that our favorites are genuinely great people in reality! Even when they, on occasion, have to take on a role that contradicts our expectations of them, we simply reason that it’s just acting, right? Well, unfortunately, there are some actors that are simply really difficult people, to say the least. Here is a list of five actors who people really don’t like working with. Prepare to be disappointed!

William Shatner

Over time, complaints from castmembers over William Shatner’s attitude have mounted. People who have worked with the star previously have come out with it that the famous actor has a difficult attitude when it comes to his work. There are several reports of him upsetting co-stars and some even stating that he gave rise to full-blown feuds! He has clashed with Leonard Nimoy over fan mail and scripts and even been exceedingly sensitive about stories favoring Nimoy. Shatner is also infamous for his fall out with James Doohan, who he refused to appear on stage with for a convention event. He has long-running feuds with other stars too, like George Takei, for decades.

Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty’s cancer diagnosis in 2015 has given her a change of heart and motivated her to mend her broken relationships, but she still has a reputation for being hard to get along with! It was on the sets of Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210 that she clashed with many co-stars, even nearly getting into a fistfight with Jennie Garth! Tor I Spelling was reported to have even requested the producer (her father, Aaron Spelling) to fire Doherty. Jason Priestly spoke about Doherty’s poor attitude in his memoir years after the ending of the show. When it came to Charmed, Doherty wound up leaving in the show’s third season because of the ‘drama’.

Wesley Snipes

When it comes to Snipes, the star already has a bad reputation without us knowing about how difficult he is to work with. Thanks to the star’s tax evasion conviction, he doesn’t have all that clean of a slate with the public. However, what has added to it all is his on-set antics, which are particularly alarming during the production of Blade: Trinity. Snipes’ co-star Patton Oswalt revealed that Snipes wouldn’t even leave his trailer and basically spent all day getting stoned. He also shared an occasion when Snipes actually attempted to strangle David Goyer, the director. After the incident, Snipes supposedly communicated with Goyer via Post-It notes only. It sounds tense to us!

Lindsay Lohan

Okay so this is another star who doesn’t have a good reputation with the general public either, but we certainly didn’t imagine that Lindsay Lohan would be as difficult to work with as some of her colleagues have revealed! On many of the productions that Lohan has worked in, the crew has commented on her appearing several hours late, or even not showing up at all. Lohan even has a New York Times Magazine article published about her titled “Here is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie”. The article reveals ridiculous misadventures by Lohan on the set of The Canyons.

Val Kilmer

This is a star whose bad reputation enters a room before he even sets foot in it. Kilmer possibly takes the cake on our list of stars who are incredibly challenging to work with. His bad attitude on set is recorded from all the way in 1995, with Batman Forever. In fact, when Kilmer was just 12 years old, he supposedly quit a role in a commercial as he couldn’t find the motivation for his character. Yikes. He has been described as “childish and impossible” by director Joel Schumacher, and director John Frankenheimer has stated that he would never work with him again.

With immense fame comes a sense of deep-set entitlement. Some of Hollywood’s greatest stars have become jerks thanks to this very sense of entitlement. Of course, it isn’t to say that any of the star sn this list are necessarily bad people, they simply have displeased many with their attitudes or have bad reputations. Who knows, maybe it was a series of bad days that led to their reputations!

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