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We Challenge You To Find The Difference Between These Celeb Parents & Their Famous Kids

Marcus Jordan and Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is an NBA legend who needs no introduction. He has been a sensation in the basketball court and has gathered a massive fan following. While he is a star athlete, he also happens to be a wonderful father of five.

One of his five kids is Marcus Jordan. Marcus is a store owner, and the store he runs is one that honors his celebrity father. While Marcus is currently a store owner, it wasn’t always such. He first tried out playing basketball. Of course, we understand how being the son of possibly the greatest basket player to have ever lived can influence you to think you should be a basketball player as well.

Marcus was in basketball between 2009 and 2012. While his professional life was soaring, his personal life was on the rocks, which set him off track on the professional front too. We are glad that Marcus now has his ducks in a row, though!

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