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These Spouses Have Been the True Support Systems in the Politicians’ Careers. They Are the Real Definitions of True Love!

Ted Cruz and Heidi Nelson – Together Since 2001

Ted Cruz did his graduation from the prestigious Harvard Law School and has been representing Texas in the United States Senate since the year 2013. Previously, he worked as a policy advisor during the tenure of the erstwhile U.S. president, George W. Bush. His political career has been quite impressive and so has been his personal life as well.

He took wedding vows with Heidi Nelson, who is serving as the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs. Heidi is an enterprising woman who has attained her career goals in life and has been contributing to the family’s net income.

She was working as an economic policy advisor at the time of Bush’s presidential campaign in 200 when she met her future husband. The two took the plunge in 2001 and welcomed Catherine and Caroline into the family. Will Heidi run for the presidential election? We have to wait and watch.

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