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These Are The Salaries Of Your Favorite TV Anchors And Hosts

Lara Spencer — $3 Million

Lara Spencer, a New York native, is still associated with ABC News as the co-anchor for their syndicated morning show, Good Morning America. Although Lara announced in 2018 that she would be focusing on her career as a TV producer, she still appears on GMA. Lara, who was selected as the lifestyle anchor for GMA in 2011, was the national correspondent for the same show for five years before starting her second stint.

Lara’s infectious curiosity and great writing skills helped her secure a full-time position with NBC’s biggest morning show. Spencer, whose annual take-home pay stands at $3 million, has already interviewed some of the biggest Hollywood stars, including Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, and Tom Cruise. We believe the multi-talented woman has got her insurance plans sorted, considering the kind of money she receives for her work.

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