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Top Films That Shows the Real Essence of What Retirement is All About

Retirement is one of the aspects of our lives which we cannot ignore! Yes, the day will come, but along with it will come the various aspects of life, which you never explored before! Are you on the verge of having some happy-sad feelings that refuse to let go of you finally when you hang up your boots?

Then check out these movies on retirement that epitomizes the word retirement, beautifully expressing the conflict of emotions, happiness with a tinge of sadness, hope, despair, and resilience that retirees feel when they land on the crux of their next big change in their lives! Work takes up so much of our lives. So, when we retire, we want to find the answer to the question of what next? Well, you can seek inspiration from the films listed below.

Here are certain recent and not-so-recent movies on retirement films that you may like.
These movies portray characters that are tough and ready to take on the world, despite the hurdles that life has thrown upon them once they retire. These films tackle themes such as health, mortality, relationships, bucket-list, or goal. Most of these films are a must-watch!

The Leisure Seeker

This is a comedy-drama film featuring two of the finest actors, Academy Award winner Helen Mirren and Golden Globe-winning actor Donald Sutherland. They go on one last road trip to the Ernest Hemmingway house before their respective debilitating disease catches up with them.

Traveling in their ancient Winnebago called the Leisure seeker. They share an unforgettable journey while they reminiscence old memories and make new ones. It is indeed a moving film which makes you think!

The Quartet

Based on a 2012 British comedy film, based on the play the Quartet. This film is famous for many things. One notable thing is Dustin Hoffman directs it.  This movie can make you weep, laugh in equal measure. It focuses on a home for retired musicians.

As they celebrate Giuseppe Verdi’s (composer’s) birthday, things take a dramatic turn. Generally, there are very few films made on this demographic. This is one such rare film. The celebration is disrupted by the arrival of the diva (Maggie Smith). No one feels the impact as much as her ex-husband, Reginald (Tom Courtenay). How the past impacts the present is what the movie is all about. A rare gem that will make you go through myriad emotions!


This 1985 movie has an ensemble cast, such as Jessica Tandy, Don Ameche, and Hume Cronyn. This film is about people in a retirement home when they accidentally hit upon the fountain of youth, as they are hit by aliens who invade their swimming pool.

This sci-fi movie comedy-drama holds together many conflicting elements blending them to make a warm-hearted film full of hope and despair in equal measure.

The Bucket List

Live before you die, well this film is all about that as two terminally ill men who have got only six months to live. So, they embark on a journey of a lifetime to tick off everything they have on their bucket list.

And in that process, they do a few things they never thought they would ever do! This film works because of the two protagonists, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Well, the premise may seem depressing, but the rest of it is upbeat, funny, and heart-warming! Directed by Rob Reiner, it is a must-see which you must not miss!

In Her Shoes

The film starring Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette, and Shirley MacLaine is an adaptation of a Jennifer Weiner novel. It focuses on two sisters who are as different as chalk and cheese.

While one is the responsible one, the other who seems like a lost adult, and the third important character played by the grandmother and how she brings the estranged sisters together, Cameron Diaz comes to live with her grandmother in a retirement community Florida. She discovers love, self-worth on the way. It dabbles in heavy-duty emotions in a light-hearted non-syrupy way.

These are some of the films on retirement that should be on the must-watch-list by those on the verge of retirement or retired and for a cross-section of different age groups. These films give you hope and the will to egg on no matter what!

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